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Version 1.0.1 report outdated
Updated on February 23, 2024
Auto Updates Yes
License GPLv2+

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The WPML Export and Import plugin serves as a universal solution for managing multilingual content imports on your WordPress website. This plugin allows you to use any import tool or plugin to bring in your content, and then takes over to ensure a smooth transition of this content into multiple languages on your site. This not only simplifies the workflow but also ensures a consistent multilingual experience for your visitors.

Core Features

1. Universal Compatibility

This plugin works seamlessly with any and every WordPress import tool and plugin, ensuring that you are not bound to a specific tool for importing content.

2. Familiar Workflow

You can continue using the import tools you love and use WPML Export and Import to connect translations, making the process straightforward and familiar.

3. Simplified Process

The WPML Export and Import plugin makes it easy to import content without additional steps, reducing the complexity of managing multilingual content.

4. Enhanced Stability

With fewer integrations, there are fewer bugs and updates, which translates to a more stable and reliable system for managing multilingual content imports.

5. Spreadsheet Import

Create a spreadsheet containing your default language post titles and content, save it as either a CSV or XML file, then upload it to WordPress using the All Import feature.

6. Multilingual Content Management

Import the default language posts and pages, and manage the language settings of your content effectively using the WPML Export and Import plugin.

Use Cases

The WPML Export and Import plugin is particularly useful in several scenarios, including:

  1. Multilingual Websites: Ideal for websites that need to manage content in multiple languages, ensuring a smooth workflow from import to live multilingual content.
  2. Content Managers: Content managers working with multilingual websites will find this plugin invaluable for managing and organizing content imports.
  3. Developers: Developers tasked with setting up or managing multilingual websites can greatly benefit from the streamlined process offered by this plugin.

In essence, the WPML Export and Import plugin is a robust tool that significantly eases the process of managing multilingual content imports on WordPress websites, making it a valuable asset for anyone involved in the management of multilingual content.