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Version 3.0.8 report outdated
Updated on May 11, 2024
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License GPLv2+

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Borlabs Cookie is a powerful WordPress plugin designed to help website owners comply with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other cookie laws. It provides an easy-to-use solution for implementing cookie consent banners and managing user consent preferences. With its intuitive interface and extensive customization options, Borlabs Cookie ensures that website owners can effectively communicate their use of cookies and obtain user consent in a transparent and compliant manner.

Primary Function

The primary function of Borlabs Cookie is to help website owners implement a cookie consent system that complies with relevant data protection laws. It allows users to easily obtain and manage user consent for cookies, ensuring that visitors are aware of the types of cookies used on the website and have the ability to control their preferences. By providing a comprehensive cookie management solution, Borlabs Cookie helps website owners maintain compliance while respecting user privacy.


1. Customizable Cookie Consent Banner

Borlabs Cookie provides a highly customizable cookie consent banner that can be easily tailored to match the design and branding of any website. Users can choose from a range of pre-designed templates or create their own unique banner using the built-in customization options. This flexibility ensures that the cookie consent banner seamlessly integrates with the overall look and feel of the website.

2. Cookie Scanner

The plugin includes a powerful cookie scanner that automatically detects and categorizes cookies used on the website. The scanner identifies both first-party and third-party cookies, providing website owners with a comprehensive overview of the cookies present on their site. This feature is particularly useful for maintaining transparency and complying with data protection regulations.

3. Cookie Groups and Categories

Borlabs Cookie allows users to create custom cookie groups and categories, enabling them to organize cookies based on their purpose or functionality. This feature provides website owners with greater control over the types of cookies presented to users and allows for more granular consent options. By categorizing cookies, website owners can offer users the ability to selectively enable or disable specific cookie types.

4. Granular Consent Options

With Borlabs Cookie, website owners can offer users granular consent options, allowing them to choose which types of cookies they wish to enable or disable. This level of control ensures that users have the ability to customize their browsing experience based on their individual preferences. By providing granular consent options, website owners can enhance user trust and demonstrate their commitment to privacy.

5. Cookie Blocking and Script Management

The plugin offers advanced cookie blocking and script management features. Website owners can choose to block specific cookies or scripts until user consent is obtained. This functionality ensures that cookies are not set or scripts are not executed until the user has provided explicit consent. By blocking cookies and scripts, website owners can ensure compliance with data protection regulations and protect user privacy.

6. Geo-Targeting and Multilingual Support

Borlabs Cookie provides geo-targeting capabilities, allowing website owners to display cookie consent banners based on the visitor’s location. This feature is particularly useful for complying with specific regional cookie laws. Additionally, the plugin offers multilingual support, enabling website owners to display cookie consent banners in multiple languages, ensuring that visitors can understand and provide consent regardless of their language preferences.

Use Cases

1. E-commerce Websites

For e-commerce websites, Borlabs Cookie is an essential tool for ensuring compliance with data protection laws. By implementing the plugin, website owners can inform users about the use of cookies for tracking purchases, personalization, and other necessary functionalities. The granular consent options allow users to choose which types of cookies they are comfortable with, enhancing their trust and confidence in the website.

2. News and Media Websites

News and media websites often rely on various types of cookies, such as those used for analytics, advertising, and user preferences. Borlabs Cookie enables these websites to inform visitors about the cookies used and obtain their consent. By offering granular consent options, users can customize their cookie preferences, allowing for a more personalized browsing experience while respecting their privacy choices.

3. Corporate Websites

Corporate websites that collect user data for marketing or analytics purposes can benefit from Borlabs Cookie. The plugin ensures that website owners comply with data protection regulations by obtaining user consent for the use of cookies. Additionally, the cookie scanner feature helps identify any cookies that may be present on the site, providing website owners with a comprehensive overview of their data collection practices.

4. Blogging Websites

Bloggers who monetize their websites through advertising or affiliate marketing can use Borlabs Cookie to comply with cookie consent requirements. The plugin allows bloggers to inform visitors about the use of cookies for advertising purposes and obtain their consent. By providing granular consent options, bloggers can offer users the ability to customize their cookie preferences, ensuring a balance between personalized advertising and user privacy.


Borlabs Cookie is a powerful WordPress plugin that simplifies the process of implementing a cookie consent system on websites. Its customizable cookie consent banner, cookie scanner, and granular consent options make it an ideal choice for website owners looking to comply with data protection laws. With its advanced features and flexibility, Borlabs Cookie ensures that website owners can maintain transparency, respect user privacy, and foster trust with their visitors.

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