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Version 1.6.15 report outdated
Updated on July 4, 2024
Auto Updates Yes
License GPLv2+

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BricksUltimate is a premium addon for Bricks Builder, a popular WordPress page builder. This addon is designed to enhance the capabilities of Bricks Builder, allowing users to create more beautiful, user-friendly online sites easily and quickly. It offers a range of elements and features that expand the functionality of the Bricks Builder plugin.

Key Features of BricksUltimate

Wide Range of General Elements

BricksUltimate includes 29 general elements such as Animated Burger, Accordion Menu, AJAX Popup Builder, Back To Top, Before After Image, Business Hours, Breadcrumbs, CSS Grid Templates, and various form stylers like Contact Form 7, Fluent Forms, Gravity Forms, and more. These elements are designed to add versatility and creativity to web design.

WooCommerce Elements

For those running WooCommerce stores, BricksUltimate offers 17 elements specifically tailored for e-commerce. These include Add To Cart, Add To Cart Icon, Applied Coupons, Buy Now Button, Cart Counter, Cart Content, and several others that enhance the functionality and design of online stores.

Custom Query Providers

The addon provides options for custom queries, including Custom WP Query, Custom Taxonomy Query, and integration with Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) and Metabox. This feature allows for more dynamic and customized content display based on specific criteria.

Additional Functionalities

BricksUltimate includes functionalities like adjacent posts, author box, posts by year, WP Menu, and various WooCommerce-related elements such as Best Selling Products, Featured Products, On-Sale Products, Product Gallery Slider, and more.

Easy to Use

Consistent with the user-friendly nature of Bricks Builder, BricksUltimate is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, with a focus on enhancing the user experience for both web developers and end-users.

Practical Applications and Use Cases

Enhanced Web Design for WordPress Sites

Web designers and developers can use BricksUltimate to create more dynamic and visually appealing websites with a wide range of elements and functionalities.

E-commerce Store Enhancement

WooCommerce store owners can leverage the WooCommerce-specific elements to enhance their online store’s functionality and user experience.

Custom Content Display

The custom query options allow for more tailored content display, making it ideal for sites that require dynamic content based on specific criteria or user interactions.

Improved User Interaction

Elements like AJAX Popup Builder, Animated Burger, and Accordion Menu can be used to improve user interaction and engagement on websites.


BricksUltimate stands out as a comprehensive and versatile addon for Bricks Builder, offering a wide array of elements and functionalities that enhance the capabilities of WordPress websites. Whether for general web design, e-commerce, or custom content display, BricksUltimate provides the tools and flexibility needed to create more engaging, functional, and visually appealing websites.

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