DSK – Furniture Store WooCommerce WordPress Theme

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Version 1.8 report outdated
Updated on October 8, 2023
Auto Updates No
License GPLv2+

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The DSK – Furniture Store WooCommerce WordPress Theme is a powerful and versatile theme designed specifically for furniture stores. With its modern and stylish design, this theme offers a seamless and immersive shopping experience for both store owners and customers. Whether you are setting up a new online furniture store or looking to revamp an existing one, DSK provides all the necessary tools and features to create a successful e-commerce platform.

Easy Installation & Setting

DSK comes with easy installation and setup options, allowing you to quickly get your furniture store up and running. The theme is compatible with WordPress 4.9+ and WooCommerce 3.4+, ensuring smooth integration with the latest versions of these platforms.

Fully Responsive

With the increasing use of mobile devices, it is crucial for your website to be fully responsive. DSK is designed to adapt seamlessly to different screen sizes, ensuring that your customers can browse and shop comfortably on any device, be it a desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Unlimited Colors

DSK offers unlimited color options, allowing you to customize the look and feel of your furniture store to match your brand identity. With just a few clicks, you can choose from a wide range of colors and create a unique and visually appealing website.

Powerful Admin

The theme’s powerful admin panel gives you complete control over your website. You can easily manage and customize various aspects of your store, including layouts, colors, fonts, and more. The intuitive interface makes it easy even for beginners to make changes and personalize their online store.

Advanced Meta Options

DSK offers advanced meta options that allow you to optimize your website for search engines. You can customize meta tags, titles, and descriptions for each page, improving your store’s visibility and search engine rankings.

Demo One-Click Installation

The theme provides a one-click demo installation feature, allowing you to import pre-designed layouts and content with just a single click. This makes it easy to get started and saves you time and effort in setting up your furniture store.

Live Preview WP Customizer

DSK includes a live preview WP Customizer, which enables you to see real-time changes to your website’s design and layout. You can customize various elements such as headers, footers, colors, fonts, and more, and instantly see how these changes will look on your website.

Wishlists, Compare, Ajax Shopping Cart, Product Quick View

DSK provides essential features for an enhanced shopping experience. Customers can add products to their wishlists, compare different products, and use the Ajax shopping cart for a seamless checkout process. The product quick view feature allows customers to get a closer look at the products without leaving the current page.

Homepage Layouts

DSK offers three or more homepage layouts to choose from, allowing you to showcase your furniture store in different ways. Whether you prefer a minimalist design or a more visually striking layout, you can find a homepage design that suits your brand and products.

Cool Features for Shop Page

The theme provides cool features specifically designed for the shop page. These features include 2+ cloud zoom styles, popup image and video product previews, and swatches image/color options for variable products. These features enhance the visual appeal and functionality of your shop page, making it easier for customers to explore and choose products.

Lazy Load for Product Image, Ajax Tab Product with Cool Effects

DSK incorporates lazy loading for product images, which improves page loading speed and overall performance. The Ajax tab product feature allows you to organize your products into tabs with cool effects, making it easier for customers to navigate and explore your product offerings.

Additional Pages

DSK includes additional pages such as a 404 page, About Us page, and Contact Us page. These pages provide essential information and help you establish a strong online presence for your furniture store.

WPML Supported

For those targeting international markets, DSK is WPML supported, ensuring seamless translation and localization of your website. You can easily create multilingual versions of your store, allowing customers from different regions to browse and shop in their preferred language.

SEO Friendly

DSK is designed with SEO best practices in mind, ensuring that your furniture store has a solid foundation for search engine optimization. The theme’s clean code structure, customizable meta options, and responsive design contribute to better search engine rankings and increased organic traffic.

600+ Google Fonts

With access to over 600 Google Fonts, DSK allows you to choose the perfect typography for your website. You can create a unique and visually appealing brand identity by selecting fonts that best represent your furniture store’s style and personality.

Bootstrap 3.x Based

DSK is built on the Bootstrap 3.x framework, which provides a solid foundation for responsive and mobile-friendly websites. This ensures that your furniture store looks great and functions flawlessly across different devices and screen sizes.

Font Awesome Icon Integration

Font Awesome icons are seamlessly integrated into DSK, allowing you to enhance the visual appeal of your website. You can choose from a wide range of icons to add visual elements and improve the overall user experience.

Well Documented

DSK comes with comprehensive documentation that guides you through the installation, setup, and customization process. The documentation provides step-by-step instructions, screenshots, and examples, making it easy for you to make the most of the theme’s features.

Built with HTML5, CSS3, Sass

DSK is built using modern web technologies, including HTML5, CSS3, and Sass. These technologies ensure a smooth and visually appealing user experience, as well as improved performance and compatibility across different browsers.

Cross-Browser Compatibility

DSK is designed to be compatible with major web browsers, including IE 10+, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Opera 9+, and Chrome. This ensures that your furniture store looks and functions consistently across different browsers, providing a seamless experience for all users.

The DSK – Furniture Store WooCommerce WordPress Theme is a feature-rich and visually stunning theme that caters specifically to furniture stores. With its easy installation and setup, unlimited customization options, and powerful admin panel, DSK empowers you to create a unique and successful online furniture store. Whether you are a small boutique store or a large furniture retailer, DSK provides the necessary tools and features to showcase your products, engage customers, and drive sales. With its responsive design, SEO-friendly structure, and seamless integration with WooCommerce, DSK ensures an exceptional shopping experience for your customers on any device. Explore the possibilities with DSK and take your furniture store to new heights.