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Version 0.2 report outdated
Updated on February 11, 2024
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License GPLv2+

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The FacetWP – Blocks addon introduces a seamless integration between FacetWP, a powerful tool for adding advanced filtering to WordPress sites, and the WordPress Block Editor (Gutenberg). This integration enables site owners and developers to effortlessly incorporate FacetWP’s filtering capabilities directly within the Gutenberg editor, utilizing blocks. This approach enhances the user experience by providing dynamic content filtering within the modern editing environment of Gutenberg, making it easier and more intuitive to create complex, content-rich websites.

Primary Functions

The FacetWP – Blocks addon serves to bridge the functionality of FacetWP with the Gutenberg editor through the following primary functions:

  • Gutenberg Block Integration: Adds a dedicated FacetWP block to the Gutenberg editor, allowing users to insert and configure FacetWP filters anywhere within their posts and pages.
  • Dynamic Content Filtering: Facilitates the real-time updating of content on the page as users interact with the filters, without the need for page reloads.
  • Easy Configuration: Provides a user-friendly interface within the Gutenberg editor for configuring the facets, making it accessible to users without extensive technical knowledge.
  • Customizable Display Options: Offers various settings within the block to customize the appearance and behavior of the filters, aligning with the design and functional requirements of the site.

Detailed Breakdown of Features

1. Seamless Block Editor Integration

The FacetWP block can be added to any post or page within the Gutenberg editor, similar to adding any other block. This integration ensures that site builders can leverage FacetWP’s advanced filtering without leaving the familiar Gutenberg interface.

2. Dynamic AJAX-based Filtering

Content on the page is dynamically updated via AJAX as filter options are selected, providing a smooth and responsive user experience. This dynamic loading ensures that users can filter through content without the disruption of page reloads.

3. Intuitive Facet Configuration

Within the Gutenberg editor, users can easily select which facets to display using the FacetWP block. This process is streamlined through an intuitive interface, making it simple to configure complex filtering logic.

4. Flexible Design Customization

The FacetWP block offers customization options for styling the filters, including alignment, spacing, and potentially color and typography settings, depending on the theme and additional Gutenberg customizations available.

Practical Use Cases

  • E-commerce Websites: Online stores can enhance product listings by adding color, size, price, and other filters within product pages or archives, improving the shopping experience.
  • Real Estate Portals: Real estate websites can utilize FacetWP blocks to add searchable filters for property listings, such as location, price range, number of bedrooms, and amenities.
  • Job Boards: FacetWP blocks can be used to add filtering options to job boards, allowing candidates to narrow down job listings by industry, job type, salary range, and location.
  • Content Aggregators: Websites that aggregate content from various sources can implement FacetWP blocks to offer filters for users to sort through articles, videos, and other media by category, tag, or date.


The FacetWP – Blocks addon significantly enhances the Gutenberg editing experience by integrating advanced filtering capabilities directly into the block editor. This addon not only makes it easier for site owners and content creators to implement dynamic content filters but also elevates the overall user experience by providing faster and more interactive ways to navigate site content. Whether for e-commerce, real estate, job boards, or any other site requiring sophisticated search and filtering, the FacetWP – Blocks integration offers a powerful and user-friendly solution.

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