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Version 0.5.3 report outdated
Updated on February 11, 2024
Auto Updates Yes
License GPLv2+

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The FacetWP – Hierarchy Select addon enhances WordPress websites by introducing a more intuitive and user-friendly way to navigate hierarchical data. This addon is particularly beneficial for sites with complex information structures, such as categories with multiple levels of subcategories, by allowing users to drill down through layers of content via dropdown menus. This hierarchical selection method simplifies the user’s search and filtering process, making it easier to find specific items within deeply nested categories or taxonomies.

Primary Functions

FacetWP’s Hierarchy Select addon provides several key functionalities to improve website navigation and user experience:

  • Hierarchical Dropdown Menus: Presents data in a structured dropdown format, enabling users to start from broad categories and narrow down to more specific subcategories.
  • Dynamic Content Filtering: As users select an option, the next level of the hierarchy dynamically populates, guiding users through the content structure.
  • Integration with Existing Taxonomies: Seamlessly works with WordPress’s built-in taxonomies (categories, tags) and custom taxonomies, making it adaptable to a wide range of content types.
  • Customizable Appearance and Behavior: Offers site administrators the flexibility to customize the look and behavior of the hierarchical select interface, ensuring it aligns with the site’s design and user expectations.

Detailed Breakdown of Features

1. Enhanced User Navigation

The addon improves site navigation by providing a clear and straightforward path through complex data structures. This is particularly useful for sites with extensive content libraries, where users might otherwise find it challenging to locate specific information.

2. Dynamic Loading of Options

Hierarchy Select dynamically loads the appropriate subcategories based on the user’s selections, ensuring a smooth and responsive user experience. This feature eliminates the need for page reloads, making the selection process faster and more efficient.

3. Customization Options

Site administrators can customize the appearance of the dropdown menus, including styling and text, to match the site’s branding and design. Additionally, the behavior of the hierarchy select, such as auto-redirect on selection or requiring manual submission, can be tailored to fit the site’s navigation strategy.

4. Seamless Integration

The addon integrates effortlessly with FacetWP’s powerful filtering system, allowing for the combination of hierarchical selection with other filtering methods (like checkboxes, sliders, and search boxes) to refine search results further.

Practical Use Cases

  • E-commerce Stores: Online retailers can use Hierarchy Select to help customers find products by navigating through categories and subcategories, such as “Electronics > Computers > Laptops.”
  • Real Estate Listings: Real estate websites can benefit by enabling potential buyers to select properties based on location hierarchies, like “Country > State > City > Neighborhood.”
  • Educational Resources: Educational platforms can organize courses and materials by subject area and difficulty level, allowing students to easily find resources that match their learning needs.
  • Content-Rich Blogs and Portals: Sites with a vast amount of content can structure articles and posts in a hierarchy of topics and subtopics, aiding users in navigating to the information they seek.


The FacetWP – Hierarchy Select addon is a significant enhancement for WordPress sites requiring sophisticated navigation solutions for complex data structures. By allowing users to intuitively filter content through hierarchical dropdown menus, it not only improves the site’s usability but also enriches the overall user experience. This addon is ideal for e-commerce, real estate, education, and content-rich websites, providing a user-friendly method to navigate through layers of information and find desired content efficiently.

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