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Version 1.0.5 report outdated
Updated on February 11, 2024
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License GPLv2+

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The FacetWP – Map Facet addon introduces the power of geolocated filtering to your WordPress website. Leveraging the mapping capabilities of Google Maps, this addon allows you to display dynamic, interactive maps within your filtering system. It’s the ideal solution for visually presenting data that has a location-based aspect and enabling users to easily find content geographically.

Primary Functions

The core features of the FacetWP – Map Facet addon center around map displays and interactive filtering:

  • Geolocation Support: The addon expects that your WordPress content has associated geographic coordinates (latitude and longitude). This data might be stored in custom fields, via third-party address geocoding plugins, or manually assigned.
  • Map Generation: It facilitates the creation of a Google Map facet. This map displays markers for each geolocated content item matching your current search or filter criteria.
  • Visual Filtering: The map itself becomes a filtering tool. Users can filter results by drawing a boundary directly on the map, showing only those items located within the designated area.


Let’s dive into some of the noteworthy features of the FacetWP – Map Facet addon:

  • Map Customization: The addon allows for a degree of customization to tailor the map’s appearance. This can include options to:
    • Control map type (roadmap, satellite, hybrid, etc.)
    • Modify map controls (zoom, pan, street view, etc.)
    • Styling and changing the appearance of map markers
  • Marker Clustering: For sites with extensive location data, marker clustering prevents map overload by grouping markers that are close together.
  • Marker Click Actions: Define the behavior when a map marker is clicked. Options might include displaying the associated post’s content in a lightbox or linking to the detailed post page.
  • Integration with FacetWP: As expected, this addon seamlessly integrates with the other filtering facets provided by FacetWP, enabling the construction of robust, multifaceted filtering systems.

Practical Use Cases

Here are some compelling use cases for the FacetWP – Map Facet addon:

  • Property Listings: Visualize real estate properties on a map, allowing users to instantly explore specific geographical regions and see only properties within those areas.
  • Store Locator: Create an interactive store locator system, providing customers with visual directions and the ability to filter branches by location.
  • Event Calendars: Combine mapping with event listings, letting visitors geographically discover events happening around them or within a designated region.
  • Photo Galleries: Display geo-tagged photographs on a map, turning gallery exploration into a visual journey.
  • Location-Centric Directories: Build directories around locations, such as restaurants, museums, or attractions, filtering locations using a map interface.


The FacetWP – Map Facet addon is a powerful addition to your toolkit if you work with location-based data in WordPress. It empowers website owners to unlock valuable filtering options by seamlessly connecting geospatial data and filtering to create highly engaging user experiences. By bringing a visual dimension to geographical search, it helps visitors intuitively explore relevant, location-focused content.