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Version 1.0.1 report outdated
Updated on February 11, 2024
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License GPLv2+

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FacetWP’s multilingual support feature is an essential tool for creating inclusive and accessible WordPress websites that cater to a diverse, global audience. This feature enables site owners to integrate FacetWP with popular multilingual plugins, ensuring that search and filtering functionalities work seamlessly across different language versions of a site. By providing multilingual support, FacetWP helps to enhance the user experience for non-English speakers, allowing them to search for and filter content in their preferred language.

Primary Functions

The primary functions of FacetWP’s multilingual support include:

  • Language-Specific Filtering: Ensures that users can apply filters and perform searches in the language of their choice, with results appropriately displayed in that language.
  • Integration with Multilingual Plugins: Works in conjunction with leading multilingual WordPress plugins to manage translations of filters, taxonomies, and content.
  • Automatic Language Detection: Automatically adjusts the filtering options based on the user’s language preference or the language of the page they are viewing.
  • Customizable for Multiple Languages: Allows site administrators to configure and customize search and filter settings for each language supported on the site.

Detailed Breakdown of Features

1. Seamless Integration with Multilingual Plugins

FacetWP’s multilingual support is designed to work effortlessly with popular multilingual plugins such as WPML (WordPress Multilingual Plugin) and Polylang. This compatibility ensures that all facets and filters are accurately translated and function correctly across different language versions of the site.

2. Language-Specific Content Indexing

The feature supports the indexing of content in multiple languages, ensuring that searches and filters return results that are relevant and language-appropriate. This means that users searching in French, for example, will receive results in French, enhancing the relevance and quality of search outcomes.

3. Automatic and Manual Language Switching

FacetWP can automatically detect the language of the page or the user’s browser settings to display filters in the correct language. Additionally, site administrators have the option to manually set the language for specific facets, offering greater control over the multilingual search experience.

4. Customizable Filter Labels and Values

Site owners have the ability to customize the labels and values of filters for each language, ensuring that filter options are accurately translated and resonate with the target audience. This attention to detail significantly improves the usability of the site for non-English speakers.

Practical Use Cases

  • E-commerce Platforms: Online stores can offer their products to a global audience by allowing customers to filter products by categories, price ranges, and other attributes in their native language.
  • Multilingual News Portals: News websites with international readership can enable users to filter news articles by topic, region, or date in multiple languages, improving accessibility and engagement.
  • Educational Resources: Educational platforms that offer courses or materials in different languages can use FacetWP to allow students to search and filter resources based on language, subject, or level.
  • Travel and Tourism Websites: Sites dedicated to travel and tourism can benefit from multilingual support by enabling visitors to search for and filter travel destinations, accommodations, and tours in their preferred language.


FacetWP’s multilingual support feature is a crucial enhancement for WordPress sites aiming to reach and accommodate a global audience. By ensuring that search and filtering functionalities are fully operational and accessible in multiple languages, site owners can significantly improve the user experience for non-English speakers, fostering inclusivity and expanding their site’s reach. Whether for e-commerce, news, education, or travel and tourism, FacetWP’s multilingual support provides the tools necessary to create a more navigable, user-friendly, and globally accessible website.