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Version 0.9 report outdated
Updated on March 14, 2024
Auto Updates Yes
License GPLv2+

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The FacetWP – Range List plugin, an addon for the FacetWP plugin, is a highly useful tool for creating filtering systems based on custom numerical ranges within your WordPress website. This addon goes beyond simple sorting by allowing visitors to focus their search results within specified value ranges. Whether you’re dealing with prices, weights, dimensions, or other numerical data, this plugin delivers exceptional flexibility in crafting dynamic content filtering.

Primary Functions

The core of the FacetWP – Range List plugin lies in creating and using these range lists:

  • Custom Number Ranges: You have the power to define multiple number ranges, each with its own minimum and maximum values. For instance, you might set price ranges such as “$0 – $100”, “$100 – $250”, etc.
  • Filtering by Range: The plugin provides a “Range List” facet type. Users then easily select these predefined ranges as filters, instantly updating the displayed content to match items within the selected numerical range.


Let’s explore the key features that make the FacetWP – Range List plugin so versatile:

  • UI Options: It offers multiple styles for presenting the range list filter to users. Choices might include checkboxes, radio buttons, dropdowns, or an fSelect interface (a FacetWP specific UI type).
  • Granular Control: The plugin allows for fine-grained control over the number of ranges you create, along with the flexibility to set any minimum and maximum values you require.
  • Data Source Variety: Range lists can be constructed using various data sources, including post attributes, custom fields, and taxonomies, as long as the underlying data is numerical.
  • Integration with FacetWP: Seamlessly integrates with other FacetWP facets, enabling the creation of robust filtering systems combining multiple criteria.

Practical Use Cases

Here are some common scenarios where the FacetWP – Range List plugin proves invaluable:

  • eCommerce: A cornerstone for online stores, enabling customers to narrow down products based on price ranges, product dimensions, weight, or other numerical attributes.
  • Real Estate Listings: Help potential buyers or renters fine-tune their search using ranges for price, square footage, number of bedrooms, and so on.
  • Event Listings: Provide range-based filtering options for event dates, ticket prices, or capacity in event listings.
  • Job Boards: Allow job seekers to efficiently filter job openings by salary range or years of experience required.
  • Custom Data Filtering: Extend this functionality to filtering any type of content by relevant numerical data (such as product ratings, recipe cooking time, or scientific data measurements).


The FacetWP – Range List plugin excels in empowering website owners to create highly customizable and user-friendly numerical filtering interfaces. It’s indispensable for WordPress sites featuring content that naturally lends itself to filtering by numerical ranges and significantly enhances the overall search and navigation experience for visitors.