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Version 1.06 report outdated
Updated on June 11, 2024
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License GPLv2+

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Formidable Forms – GetResponse Add-On is a powerful WordPress plugin that seamlessly integrates the popular form builder plugin, Formidable Forms, with the email marketing platform, GetResponse. This integration allows website owners and marketers to effortlessly collect and manage leads generated through their WordPress forms and automate email marketing campaigns using GetResponse.

Primary Function

The primary function of the Formidable Forms – GetResponse Add-On is to bridge the gap between form submissions on a WordPress website and the email marketing capabilities of GetResponse. By integrating these two platforms, users can easily capture leads through their forms and automatically sync them with GetResponse, enabling them to nurture and engage with their audience through targeted email campaigns.


1. Seamless Integration

Formidable Forms – GetResponse Add-On offers a seamless integration between Formidable Forms and GetResponse. Once the plugin is installed and configured, users can easily map form fields to GetResponse contact fields, ensuring that the collected data is accurately transferred to the email marketing platform.

2. Autoresponder Integration

This plugin allows users to set up autoresponders within GetResponse, ensuring that subscribers receive a series of pre-determined emails after submitting a form. This feature is particularly useful for businesses looking to automate their lead nurturing process and deliver targeted content to their audience based on their interests and preferences.

3. Custom Field Mapping

Formidable Forms – GetResponse Add-On allows users to map custom fields from their forms to corresponding custom fields in GetResponse. This flexibility ensures that all relevant data is captured and stored accurately, enabling businesses to personalize their email campaigns based on specific information provided by the subscribers.

4. Conditional Logic

With the conditional logic feature, users can create dynamic forms that adapt to the choices made by the users. This functionality can be leveraged to segment subscribers based on their preferences, interests, or any other criteria, allowing businesses to send highly targeted email campaigns that resonate with their audience.

5. Opt-In Confirmation

This plugin supports the double opt-in feature, which requires subscribers to confirm their email address before being added to the mailing list. This helps maintain a clean and engaged subscriber base, ensuring that only interested and genuine subscribers are added to the email list.

6. Form Submission Actions

Formidable Forms – GetResponse Add-On provides users with the ability to perform additional actions upon form submission. These actions include redirecting to a specific page, displaying a custom message, or executing custom code. This flexibility allows businesses to provide a seamless user experience and further automate their processes.

Use Cases

1. Lead Generation

Formidable Forms – GetResponse Add-On is a valuable tool for businesses focused on lead generation. By integrating Formidable Forms with GetResponse, businesses can create attractive and user-friendly forms to capture leads directly on their WordPress website. The seamless integration ensures that the leads are automatically synced with GetResponse, enabling businesses to nurture and convert them into customers through targeted email marketing campaigns.

2. Event Registration

For businesses or organizations hosting events, this plugin can be used to create event registration forms. The collected attendee data can be seamlessly transferred to GetResponse, allowing event organizers to send event-related updates, reminders, and follow-ups to registered participants.

3. Content Upgrades and Lead Magnets

Content upgrades and lead magnets are popular strategies to grow email lists. With Formidable Forms – GetResponse Add-On, businesses can create forms specifically designed to offer valuable content upgrades or lead magnets to website visitors. The plugin ensures that the collected email addresses are directly added to the appropriate GetResponse list, allowing businesses to deliver the promised content and nurture those leads further.

4. E-commerce Integration

For e-commerce websites built on WordPress, this plugin can be used to integrate order forms or checkout forms with GetResponse. This integration enables businesses to automatically add customers to their email lists, send order confirmations, track abandoned carts, and implement personalized email marketing campaigns to boost customer engagement and retention.


Formidable Forms – GetResponse Add-On is a powerful WordPress plugin that seamlessly integrates Formidable Forms with GetResponse, providing users with a comprehensive solution for lead generation and email marketing automation. With its robust features, including seamless integration, autoresponder support, custom field mapping, conditional logic, opt-in confirmation, and form submission actions, this plugin empowers businesses to capture, manage, and engage with their audience effectively. Whether it’s lead generation, event registration, content upgrades, or e-commerce integration, Formidable Forms – GetResponse Add-On offers a versatile and user-friendly solution to enhance email marketing efforts within the WordPress ecosystem.

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