Gravity Forms Advanced Phone Field

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Version 1.0.24 report outdated
Updated on April 6, 2024
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License GPLv2+

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The Gravity Forms Advanced Phone Field plugin is a powerful extension designed to enhance the functionality of the Gravity Forms plugin in WordPress. Its primary purpose is to provide an advanced phone field that improves the user experience by offering better input validation, formatting, and usability for phone number entries. This plugin is particularly useful for websites that require accurate phone number data collection, such as contact forms, registration forms, and lead generation forms. By integrating seamlessly with Gravity Forms, it ensures that phone numbers are captured in a consistent and standardized format, reducing errors and improving data quality.


The Gravity Forms Advanced Phone Field plugin comes packed with a range of features that make it a valuable addition to any WordPress site using Gravity Forms. Some of the key features include:

  • International Phone Number Support: The plugin supports phone numbers from around the world, allowing users to enter their phone numbers in a format that is familiar to them. This feature is particularly useful for websites with a global audience.
  • Automatic Formatting: As users enter their phone numbers, the plugin automatically formats the input according to the selected country‚Äôs phone number format. This ensures consistency and reduces the likelihood of errors.
  • Country Code Selection: Users can easily select their country from a dropdown menu, which automatically updates the phone number format and country code. This feature simplifies the process of entering international phone numbers.
  • Validation and Error Handling: The plugin includes robust validation rules that check the phone number‚Äôs validity based on the selected country. If an invalid number is entered, users are prompted with an error message, ensuring that only valid phone numbers are submitted.
  • Customizable Input Mask: Administrators can customize the input mask to match specific phone number formats required for their forms. This flexibility allows for precise control over how phone numbers are entered and displayed.
  • Integration with Gravity Forms: The plugin integrates seamlessly with Gravity Forms, leveraging its powerful form-building capabilities while adding advanced phone field functionality.
  • Responsive Design: The phone field is fully responsive, ensuring that it works perfectly on all devices, including desktops, tablets, and mobile phones.
  • Custom CSS Support: For those who need additional customization, the plugin supports custom CSS, allowing administrators to style the phone field to match their website‚Äôs design.
  • Localization Ready: The plugin is localization ready, making it easy to translate into different languages. This feature is essential for websites catering to non-English speaking audiences.

Use Cases

The Gravity Forms Advanced Phone Field plugin is particularly useful in a variety of scenarios where accurate phone number data collection is critical. Some specific use cases include:

  • Contact Forms: For businesses that rely on contact forms to communicate with customers, the plugin ensures that phone numbers are collected accurately, facilitating effective communication and follow-ups.
  • Registration Forms: Websites that require user registration can benefit from the plugin by ensuring that all registered users provide valid phone numbers. This is especially important for services that involve phone-based verification.
  • Lead Generation Forms: Marketing teams can use the plugin to capture high-quality leads with valid phone numbers, improving the success rate of follow-up calls and SMS campaigns.
  • Event Registration: For events that require attendees to provide contact information, the plugin ensures that organizers have accurate phone numbers for communication and updates.
  • eCommerce Checkout Forms: Online stores can use the plugin to collect valid phone numbers during the checkout process, which is crucial for order confirmations and delivery updates.
  • Support and Helpdesk Forms: Companies offering customer support can use the plugin to ensure that customers provide valid phone numbers, enabling efficient and timely support.
  • Subscription Forms: Websites offering subscription services can use the plugin to collect phone numbers for SMS notifications and alerts, enhancing the overall user experience.

In conclusion, the Gravity Forms Advanced Phone Field plugin is an essential tool for any WordPress site using Gravity Forms that requires accurate and reliable phone number data collection. Its robust features and seamless integration make it a valuable addition, enhancing the functionality and usability of forms across various use cases.