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Updated on March 19, 2024
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License GPLv2+

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Gravity Forms’ Conversational Forms add-on transforms traditional online forms into engaging, interactive experiences that mimic a real conversation. In an era where user experience can significantly impact conversion rates and engagement, this innovative approach to form design stands out. By making form completion feel less like a task and more like a chat, Conversational Forms can lead to higher completion rates and improved data quality. This add-on is especially useful for surveys, registrations, bookings, and any scenario where user input is critical.

Primary Functions

The Conversational Forms add-on by Gravity Forms is designed to enhance user interaction through a conversational UI. It breaks down forms into individual questions that are presented one at a time, similar to messaging apps. This method reduces user overwhelm by not presenting a long form all at once and makes the form-filling process feel more personal and engaging.

Key Features

1. Conversational UI

The add-on transforms forms into step-by-step conversations, displaying one question at a time. This mimics the natural flow of a conversation and can make users more willing to complete the form.

2. Customizable Design

Users have the ability to customize the look and feel of their Conversational Forms to match their brand identity. This includes options for fonts, colors, and backgrounds, ensuring the form feels like an integral part of the website.

3. Progress Indicator

To help users understand how far they’ve progressed and how much is left, Conversational Forms include a progress indicator. This small detail can significantly improve user engagement by setting expectations.

4. Autofocus on Next Field

As users complete each question, the next field automatically becomes the focus, streamlining the form-filling process. This feature eliminates the need for extra clicks or taps, making the form easier to complete on both desktop and mobile devices.

5. Conditional Logic

Like other Gravity Forms add-ons, Conversational Forms supports conditional logic. This allows the form to dynamically change based on the user’s responses, leading to a more personalized and relevant experience.

6. Integration with Gravity Forms’ Ecosystem

Conversational Forms seamlessly integrate with the wide range of Gravity Forms’ add-ons and features, including payment processing, email notifications, and more. This ensures users can create conversational forms without losing out on the powerful functionality of Gravity Forms.

Practical Use Cases

1. Event Registration

Organizations can use Conversational Forms for event registrations, making the sign-up process feel more personal and less tedious, potentially increasing registration rates.

2. Customer Surveys

Businesses seeking customer feedback can employ Conversational Forms to create surveys that feel less like interrogations and more like friendly conversations, improving response rates.

3. Job Applications

HR departments can streamline the application process with Conversational Forms, making it easier for candidates to submit their information and for HR to collect and manage applications.

4. Booking and Reservations

Restaurants, hotels, and service providers can use Conversational Forms to make booking and reservation processes more engaging, providing a positive user experience right from the start.

5. Lead Generation

Companies looking to generate leads can create conversational forms that feel less intrusive and more engaging, encouraging potential customers to provide their information.


Gravity Forms’ Conversational Forms add-on revolutionizes the way users interact with online forms by making the experience more engaging, personal, and conversational. This innovative approach to form design not only enhances the user experience but also has the potential to improve form completion rates and the quality of data collected. With its customizable design, progress indicator, autofocus on next field, and integration with the broader Gravity Forms ecosystem, Conversational Forms is a powerful tool for any WordPress site looking to elevate its form interactions. Whether for registrations, surveys, applications, bookings, or lead generation, Conversational Forms offers a uniquely engaging solution.

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