LearnDash LMS The Events Calendar Integration

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Version 1.0.1 report outdated
Updated on January 19, 2023
Auto Updates Yes
License GPLv2+

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The Events Calendar Integration for LearnDash is a specialized plugin that connects LearnDash, one of the most popular Learning Management Systems (LMS) for WordPress, with The Events Calendar, a widely-used events solution for WordPress. This integration provides a seamless connection between the two platforms, enabling enhanced functionality and user experience for both learners and educators.


Automatic Course/Group Enrollment

This feature allows administrators to connect an event with either a course or a group within LearnDash. When attendees register for the event, they are automatically enrolled in the corresponding LearnDash course or group. This automation simplifies the enrollment process and ensures that attendees have immediate access to the relevant learning materials.

Virtual Events Integration

With the rise of remote learning and virtual collaboration, the integration of virtual events is a significant addition to the plugin. Educators can connect a virtual event to a course, providing learners with a more immersive group-based learning experience. Whether it’s a live webinar or an interactive workshop, this feature enhances the virtual learning environment, making it more engaging and interactive.

Use Cases

Educational Institutions

For schools, colleges, and other educational institutions that utilize LearnDash for online learning, this integration offers a streamlined way to manage both physical and virtual events. From seminars to workshops, educators can easily connect events with courses or groups, enhancing the learning experience.

Corporate Training

Companies that use LearnDash for employee training can benefit from this integration by connecting training events with specific courses or groups. Whether it’s an in-person training session or a virtual webinar, employees can be automatically enrolled, ensuring a smooth and efficient training process.

Community Education

Community centers and non-profit organizations offering educational programs can use this integration to connect community events with learning groups or courses. This functionality simplifies the enrollment process and provides attendees with immediate access to learning materials.


The Events Calendar Integration for LearnDash is a powerful tool that bridges the gap between event management and online learning. By connecting the most popular LMS for WordPress with the most popular Events solution, it offers unique features like automatic course/group enrollment and virtual events integration. These features not only enhance the learning experience but also simplify administrative tasks, making it a valuable addition to any LearnDash-powered platform.