MCKinney’s Politics | Elections Campaign & Social Activism WordPress Theme

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Version 1.2.5 report outdated
Updated on October 8, 2023
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License GPLv2+

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MCKinney’s Politics | Elections Campaign & Social Activism WordPress Theme is a stylish and contemporary theme designed specifically for politicians, political leaders, activists, election campaigns, and social movements. It is also suitable for individual candidates, political reviews, and non-profit organizations. With its professional design and modern features, this theme aims to provide an effective online platform for political figures to engage with their audience and promote their causes.

Design Ethos:

The primary design ethos of MCKinney’s Politics theme is to create a visually appealing and user-friendly interface that reflects the professionalism and importance of political activities. The theme offers both boxed and wide layout options, allowing users to choose the best layout for their website. It also provides different header styles and a customizable multi-functional user panel, enabling users to personalize their site according to their preferences. The theme incorporates modern CSS3 and jQuery animation effects, enhancing the overall visual experience for visitors.


1. Events Management:

MCKinney’s Politics theme includes a comprehensive events management system, allowing political figures to organize and promote their events effectively. This feature enables users to create event listings, share event details, and collect RSVPs from interested attendees. It helps in keeping the audience informed about upcoming meetings, conferences, and other political activities.

2. Political News & Gallery Layouts:

The theme offers nine pre-designed layouts for showcasing political news and galleries. These layouts provide flexibility in presenting news articles, blog posts, campaign updates, and photo galleries related to political activities. This feature ensures that users can effectively communicate their message and engage with their audience through informative and visually appealing content.

3. WooCommerce Store:

MCKinney’s Politics theme seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce, the leading WordPress plugin for creating online stores. This integration allows political figures to sell merchandise, collect donations, and raise funds for their campaigns or social causes. The theme provides a user-friendly interface for managing products, orders, and payments, making it convenient for users to monetize their website and support their political endeavors.

4. Premade Team, Services & Events Modules:

To streamline the website building process, the theme offers premade team, services, and events modules. These modules provide ready-to-use templates for displaying information about the political team, their services, and upcoming events. Users can easily customize these modules to showcase their team members, highlight their services or policies, and promote their events effectively.

5. Side Menu & Top Menu Layout:

MCKinney’s Politics theme provides flexible navigation options with side menu and top menu layouts. Users can choose between these two menu styles to create a navigation structure that best suits their website’s design and content organization. This feature enhances the user experience by offering easy access to different sections of the website and improving overall navigation efficiency.

Use Cases:

1. Political Campaign Websites:

MCKinney’s Politics theme is an ideal choice for political campaigns seeking to establish a strong online presence. With its professional design and dedicated features, the theme allows candidates to showcase their profiles, share their campaign messages, and engage with potential voters. The events management system enables candidates to promote rallies, town hall meetings, and fundraising events effectively.

2. Non-Profit Organizations:

Non-profit organizations working in the political or social activism domain can benefit from MCKinney’s Politics theme. The theme provides a platform to raise awareness about important causes, share success stories, and collect donations. The WooCommerce integration enables these organizations to sell merchandise or accept online donations, supporting their mission and activities.

3. Political Blogs and News Websites:

MCKinney’s Politics theme offers various layouts and customization options specifically designed for political blogs and news websites. Political commentators, journalists, and news outlets can utilize these features to create engaging content, share their perspectives, and provide up-to-date information on political events. The theme’s responsive layout ensures optimal viewing experience across different devices.

4. Social Activism and Advocacy Groups:

For social activism and advocacy groups, MCKinney’s Politics theme provides a platform to raise awareness about social issues, mobilize support, and drive change. The theme’s features, such as events management, customizable modules, and WooCommerce integration, enable these groups to organize protests, campaigns, and fundraising initiatives effectively.

In conclusion, MCKinney’s Politics | Elections Campaign & Social Activism WordPress Theme offers a comprehensive solution for political figures, election campaigns, and social activism. With its professional design, modern features, and flexible customization options, the theme empowers users to create impactful websites that engage their audience, promote their causes, and drive positive change.