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Version 1.2.5 report outdated
Updated on December 18, 2023
Auto Updates Yes
License GPLv2+

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Modula is a well-known WordPress plugin designed to create stunning, responsive photo and video galleries with ease. The Defaults addon for Modula is an extension that enhances the core functionalities of the Modula plugin. It allows users to set default settings for their galleries, streamlining the gallery creation process and ensuring consistency across all galleries.

Features of Modula – Defaults Addon

Predefined Settings

One of the key features of the Defaults addon is its ability to let users set predefined settings for their galleries. This includes default configurations for gallery layouts, lightbox settings, hover effects, and more. Once set, these defaults apply to all new galleries, saving time and effort in configuring individual galleries.

Customization and Flexibility

Despite being an addon for default settings, Modula – Defaults does not restrict customization. Users can still individually tweak settings for each gallery if needed, offering flexibility while maintaining a baseline consistency.

Consistent Aesthetic Across Galleries

By using the Defaults addon, users can ensure a consistent look and feel across all their galleries. This is particularly useful for websites that need to maintain a uniform aesthetic, such as portfolios, photography sites, and e-commerce platforms.

Easy to Use Interface

The Defaults addon maintains Modula’s user-friendly interface, making it easy for beginners and professionals alike to set and manage default settings. The intuitive dashboard and settings area ensure a smooth user experience.

Use Cases for Modula – Defaults Addon

Portfolio Websites

For artists, photographers, and designers, maintaining a consistent style across their portfolio is crucial. The Defaults addon allows these professionals to set their preferred gallery style and apply it across all their work, ensuring a cohesive look.

E-commerce Platforms

Online stores often require uniformity in product display. The Defaults addon can help e-commerce platforms set a standard gallery style for all their product images, creating a more organized and professional appearance.

Blogs and Content Sites

Blogs and content-heavy sites that frequently use image galleries can benefit from the Defaults addon by saving time. Instead of configuring each gallery individually, site owners can set a default style that aligns with their site’s theme and branding.

Event and Travel Websites

Websites showcasing events or travel stories often use multiple galleries. The Defaults addon simplifies the process of creating these galleries by allowing event organizers or travel bloggers to establish a consistent style that can be applied to all galleries.


The Modula – Defaults addon is an essential tool for anyone using the Modula gallery plugin on their WordPress site. It significantly simplifies the process of creating and managing photo and video galleries by allowing users to set default settings. This ensures consistency and saves time, especially for sites that require a uniform look across multiple galleries. Its ease of use, coupled with the flexibility it offers, makes it a valuable addition to the Modula plugin suite.

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