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Version 1.0.4 report outdated
Updated on December 18, 2023
Auto Updates Yes
License GPLv2+

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The Modula – Role Management addon is a functional extension for the Modula WordPress gallery plugin, designed to provide fine-grained control over user roles and permissions within the Modula galleries. This addon allows website administrators to assign specific gallery management capabilities to different users based on their roles, enhancing security and workflow efficiency.

Features of Modula – Role Management Addon

Customizable Role Permissions

The primary feature of the Role Management addon is its ability to customize permissions for different user roles. Administrators can control who can create, edit, delete, or view Modula galleries, offering tailored access based on the user’s role within the website.

Enhanced Security and Control

By managing role-specific access to gallery settings, the addon enhances the security of the galleries. It ensures that only authorized personnel can make changes, protecting the galleries from unintended alterations or misuse.

Streamlined Workflow for Teams

For websites managed by a team, this addon streamlines the workflow. Specific team members can be assigned roles that match their responsibilities, making gallery management more efficient and organized.

Easy Integration with WordPress User Roles

The Role Management addon seamlessly integrates with the existing user roles in WordPress. It respects the core principles of WordPress user management while extending its functionality to the galleries.

Intuitive User Interface

Maintaining Modula’s user-friendly approach, the addon offers an intuitive interface for role management. Administrators can easily assign and adjust permissions without needing in-depth technical knowledge.

Use Cases for Modula – Role Management Addon

Multi-Author Blogs and News Websites

In a setting where multiple authors contribute content, the Role Management addon allows administrators to control who can add or edit galleries, ensuring that content is managed appropriately according to each author’s level of access.

Corporate and Business Websites

Businesses with multiple departments can utilize this addon to assign gallery management roles to specific teams or individuals, ensuring that only relevant personnel have access to corporate galleries.

Educational Institutions

Schools and universities can benefit from this addon by assigning gallery management roles to teachers, staff, or students, depending on their involvement in website management or content creation.

Online Communities and Membership Sites

For websites that operate on a membership basis, the Role Management addon can be used to provide exclusive gallery access or editing capabilities to certain member groups or levels.


The Modula – Role Management addon is a valuable tool for any WordPress site using the Modula gallery plugin, particularly those with multiple users involved in content management. It provides a robust and flexible solution for managing user roles and permissions specific to gallery management. This addon is ideal for multi-author blogs, corporate websites, educational platforms, and membership sites, where controlled access and efficient workflow management are essential.

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