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Version 5.1.0 report outdated
Updated on March 20, 2024
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License GPLv2+

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Olam is a powerful WordPress theme designed specifically for Easy Digital Downloads (EDD), making it an ideal choice for anyone looking to create an online store to sell digital products. With its sleek and modern design, Olam offers a seamless user experience, ensuring that your customers have a pleasant and intuitive browsing experience.

Design Ethos

Olam’s primary design ethos revolves around simplicity and elegance. The theme features a clean and minimalist design, allowing your digital products to take center stage. It focuses on providing a clutter-free interface that enhances the user experience and makes it easy for customers to navigate through your online store.


1. Easy Digital Downloads Integration

Olam is specifically built to integrate seamlessly with Easy Digital Downloads, a popular plugin for selling digital products. This integration allows you to effortlessly manage and sell your digital products, whether they are software, e-books, music, or any other type of digital content.

2. Product Showcase

The theme offers a stunning product showcase feature that allows you to highlight your best-selling or featured products. With customizable product grids and sliders, you can showcase your products in an attractive and engaging manner, grabbing the attention of your potential customers.

3. Multiple Layout Options

Olam provides a wide range of layout options to suit your specific needs. Whether you prefer a full-width layout or a boxed layout, Olam has got you covered. Additionally, you can choose from multiple header styles, footer layouts, and sidebar options to create a unique and personalized look for your online store.

4. Customization Options

With Olam, you have complete control over the appearance and functionality of your website. The theme offers a powerful theme options panel that allows you to customize various aspects of your site, such as colors, fonts, backgrounds, and more. You can easily create a website that aligns with your brand identity and stands out from the competition.

5. Responsive and Retina Ready

In today’s mobile-centric world, having a responsive website is crucial. Olam is fully responsive, ensuring that your online store looks great and functions perfectly on all devices, including smartphones, tablets, and desktops. Additionally, the theme is retina ready, meaning that your product images will appear crisp and sharp on high-resolution screens.

6. SEO Optimized

Olam is built with SEO best practices in mind, ensuring that your website ranks well in search engine results. The theme is optimized for fast loading times and includes clean and valid code, helping search engines crawl and index your site more efficiently. This can lead to increased visibility and organic traffic for your online store.

7. Translation Ready

If you’re targeting an international audience, Olam has you covered. The theme is translation ready, allowing you to easily translate your website into multiple languages. This feature can significantly expand your reach and help you connect with customers from different parts of the world.

Use Cases

1. Software Marketplace

Olam is an excellent choice for anyone looking to create a software marketplace. With its seamless integration with Easy Digital Downloads, you can easily manage and sell software products. The product showcase feature allows you to highlight the best software offerings, while the customization options enable you to create a unique and branded marketplace.

2. E-Book Store

If you’re an author or a publisher looking to sell e-books, Olam is the perfect theme for you. The theme’s clean and minimalist design ensures that your e-books take center stage, while the product showcase feature allows you to promote your best-selling titles. With the translation ready feature, you can reach a global audience and sell your e-books in multiple languages.

3. Music Store

Olam is also well-suited for selling digital music. Whether you’re an independent musician or a record label, the theme provides all the necessary features to create a professional and engaging music store. The product showcase feature allows you to highlight your latest releases, while the responsive design ensures that your music can be enjoyed on any device.

4. Online Courses

If you’re an educator or a training provider, Olam can be a great choice for selling online courses. The theme’s easy integration with Easy Digital Downloads allows you to create and sell digital courses effortlessly. The customization options enable you to create a visually appealing course catalog, while the responsive design ensures that your courses can be accessed on any device.


Olam is a powerful WordPress theme designed specifically for Easy Digital Downloads. With its sleek and modern design, seamless integration with Easy Digital Downloads, and a wide range of customization options, Olam offers everything you need to create a successful online store for selling digital products. Whether you’re selling software, e-books, music, or online courses, Olam provides the tools and features to showcase your products and engage with your customers effectively.