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Version 1.2.5 report outdated
Updated on October 14, 2023
Auto Updates Yes
License GPLv2+

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Subaccounts & Multi-User Accounts is a dedicated WooCommerce extension developed by WebWizards, aimed at simplifying the management of customer accounts on your online store. This powerful plugin allows store owners, marketers, or developers to create multiple subaccounts under a single master account, each with configurable permissions. This structure facilitates a streamlined management of user accounts and enhances the customer experience in an online store setting.

Core Features

1. Multiple Accounts Creation

The plugin enables the creation of multiple subaccounts under one master account. This is particularly useful for businesses with various departments or teams that require distinct account access while still being linked to a central master account.

2. Configurable Permissions

Each subaccount can be configured with specific permissions, allowing for a tailored access control to different parts of the WooCommerce store. This feature is instrumental in managing what each subaccount can or cannot do within the online store.

3. Role Assignment

Subaccounts can be assigned specific roles such as administrators, managers, or sales representatives, each with different levels of access and permissions. This is crucial for delineating responsibilities and access control within the organization.

4. Streamlined User Account Management

The plugin simplifies the process of managing user accounts, making it easier to handle customer interactions and manage various user-related tasks in the online store.

5. Enhanced Customer Experience

By organizing user accounts in a structured manner, the plugin enhances the customer experience, making it easier for them to navigate and interact with the online store.

6. Access Control for Various Business Operations

The extension facilitates multiple users to access a company’s account, view pricing, place orders, or create shopping lists for the main account, ideal for businesses with multiple branches, or those with multiple individuals in charge of inventory or other operational facets.

Use Cases

Subaccounts & Multi-User Accounts is particularly useful in a variety of scenarios, such as:

  1. Businesses with Multiple Departments: Companies that have various departments or teams can benefit from this plugin as it allows for the creation of subaccounts with distinct permissions, enabling a structured and organized management of the online store.
  2. E-Commerce Stores with Multiple Branches: Stores that operate across multiple locations can use this plugin to create subaccounts for each branch, allowing for a streamlined management of operations across different geographical locations.
  3. Business Owners and Managers: Business owners and managers can utilize this plugin to delegate responsibilities to different individuals or teams within the organization, thereby improving operational efficiency and accountability.
  4. Developers and Marketers: They can benefit from the organized structure the plugin provides in managing user accounts, which in turn can lead to a better understanding of customer interactions and an enhanced online store experience.

Subaccounts & Multi-User Accounts plugin is a comprehensive solution for WooCommerce store owners looking to improve account management and enhance the overall user experience in their online stores.

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