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Version 1.0.5 report outdated
Updated on January 28, 2024
Auto Updates Yes
License GPLv2+

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UsersWP Advanced Search WordPress plugin designed to enhance the search functionality of your website, specifically for user profiles. With this plugin, you can provide a seamless and efficient search experience for your users, allowing them to find relevant user profiles with ease. Whether you have a membership site, a directory, or any other type of website that relies on user profiles, UsersWP Advanced Search can greatly improve the user experience and help users discover the right profiles quickly.

Primary Function

The primary function of UsersWP Advanced Search is to extend the default search functionality of WordPress and provide advanced search options for user profiles. By default, WordPress allows users to search for content, but it lacks the ability to search for specific user attributes or fields. UsersWP Advanced Search fills this gap by allowing users to search for user profiles based on various criteria such as username, email, display name, bio, location, and custom fields. This plugin empowers website owners to offer a more comprehensive and targeted search experience to their users.


UsersWP Advanced Search offers a wide range of features that enable users to perform detailed searches on user profiles. Let’s explore some of its key features:

1. Customizable Search Form

This plugin provides a customizable search form that can be easily integrated into any page or widget area of your website. The search form can be tailored to match your website’s design, allowing you to maintain a consistent look and feel.

2. Multiple Search Fields

UsersWP Advanced Search allows you to add multiple search fields to the search form. These fields can be selected from a predefined list of user attributes, including username, email, display name, bio, location, and custom fields. This flexibility enables users to search for profiles based on specific criteria that are relevant to your website.

3. Conditional Search

With conditional search, you can create complex search queries by combining multiple search fields. This feature allows users to refine their search results by specifying multiple attributes simultaneously. For example, users can search for profiles with a specific username and location, or profiles with a certain display name and bio.

4. AJAX-powered Search

UsersWP Advanced Search utilizes AJAX technology to provide real-time search results without the need for page reloads. As users enter their search criteria, the search results update dynamically, providing instant feedback and a seamless search experience.

5. Sorting and Filtering Options

This plugin offers sorting and filtering options to further refine search results. Users can sort search results by relevance, username, display name, or any other available attribute. Additionally, they can apply filters to narrow down the search results based on specific criteria, such as location or custom fields.

6. Integration with UsersWP

UsersWP Advanced Search seamlessly integrates with the popular UsersWP plugin, enhancing its functionality. UsersWP is a comprehensive user profile plugin that allows you to create custom user fields, manage user profiles, and more. By combining UsersWP with UsersWP Advanced Search, you can create a robust user directory or membership site with advanced search capabilities.

Use Cases

UsersWP Advanced Search can be incredibly useful in various scenarios and use cases. Let’s explore a few examples:

1. Membership Websites

If you run a membership website with a large user base, UsersWP Advanced Search can help your members find other members with similar interests or expertise. For instance, a professional networking site can utilize this plugin to enable users to search for other professionals based on their industry, location, or skills. This feature enhances the networking experience and facilitates meaningful connections among users.

2. Job Boards

For websites that host job boards or employment platforms, UsersWP Advanced Search can be a game-changer. Job seekers can easily search for employers or job listings based on specific criteria such as location, industry, or job title. Employers, on the other hand, can search for potential candidates with desired qualifications or experience. This plugin streamlines the job search process and improves the overall efficiency of the platform.

3. User Directories

UsersWP Advanced Search is particularly valuable for websites that serve as user directories. Whether it’s a directory of professionals, service providers, or community members, this plugin allows users to search for specific profiles based on their preferences. For example, a community directory can enable users to search for other members in their vicinity, with similar interests, or belonging to a specific group or organization.

4. Dating Websites

Dating websites can greatly benefit from UsersWP Advanced Search by providing users with advanced search options to find potential matches. Users can search for profiles based on various attributes such as age, location, interests, or even specific personality traits. This plugin enhances the matchmaking process and improves the chances of finding compatible partners.


UsersWP Advanced Search WordPress plugin extends the default search functionality for user profiles. It offers a customizable search form, multiple search fields, conditional search, AJAX-powered search, sorting and filtering options, and seamless integration with the UsersWP plugin. With its wide range of features, this plugin can be utilized in various use cases such as membership websites, job boards, user directories, and dating websites. By implementing UsersWP Advanced Search, you can enhance the search experience for your users, improve user engagement, and create a more efficient and user-friendly website.

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