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Version 1.2.7 report outdated
Updated on January 28, 2024
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License GPLv2+

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UsersWP Profile Progress WordPress plugin designed to enhance user engagement and improve user experience on websites that require user profiles. With this plugin, website administrators can easily create and customize a profile completion progress bar for their users. The profile progress feature encourages users to complete their profiles by displaying a visual representation of their profile completion status. This plugin is particularly useful for community-based websites, e-learning platforms, job portals, and any other website that requires user registration and profiles.


1. Profile Completion Progress Bar

The core feature of UsersWP Profile Progress is the ability to create and display a profile completion progress bar for each user. This progress bar serves as a visual indicator of how much of their profile is complete. Users can see at a glance how much information they have filled out and how much is still pending. The progress bar is customizable, allowing website administrators to define the criteria for profile completion and set the progress bar’s appearance to match their website’s design.

2. Customizable Completion Criteria

The plugin offers flexibility in defining the criteria for profile completion. Website administrators can choose which fields are mandatory for users to complete, such as name, email, bio, profile picture, social media links, and more. Additionally, administrators can assign different weights to each field, allowing them to prioritize certain information over others. This customization ensures that the profile progress accurately reflects the desired level of completion based on the website’s specific requirements.

3. Conditional Display

UsersWP Profile Progress allows website administrators to control when and where the profile completion progress bar is displayed. The plugin provides options to show the progress bar on the user’s profile page, registration page, or any other custom location. Administrators can also choose to hide the progress bar until a certain percentage of the profile is complete, ensuring that users are not overwhelmed with the completion process from the start.

4. Gamification and Rewards

To further incentivize users to complete their profiles, UsersWP Profile Progress supports gamification features. Website administrators can assign rewards or badges to users who reach a certain profile completion percentage. These rewards can be displayed on the user’s profile, providing a sense of achievement and encouraging others to complete their profiles as well. Gamification elements have proven to be effective in increasing user engagement and participation, making this feature a valuable addition to any website.

5. Integration with Other Plugins

UsersWP Profile Progress seamlessly integrates with other popular WordPress plugins, expanding its functionality and compatibility. The plugin works well with popular form builder plugins, allowing administrators to include custom fields in the profile completion process. Additionally, integration with membership plugins enables administrators to restrict access to certain website features or content until users complete their profiles, further motivating users to complete their profiles.

Use Cases

1. Community-Based Websites

Community-based websites, such as social networks or forums, heavily rely on user profiles to foster interaction and engagement. UsersWP Profile Progress can be instrumental in encouraging users to complete their profiles, ensuring that the community remains active and vibrant. By displaying a profile completion progress bar, users are motivated to fill out their profiles to unlock additional features or gain recognition within the community. This plugin helps community administrators maintain a high level of user participation and data completeness.

2. E-Learning Platforms

E-learning platforms often require users to create profiles to track their progress, access course materials, or interact with instructors and fellow learners. UsersWP Profile Progress can be used to encourage learners to complete their profiles, providing a sense of accomplishment and personalization. For example, learners who complete their profiles can unlock additional course materials or gain access to exclusive resources. By using the profile completion progress bar, e-learning platforms can increase user engagement and ensure learners make the most of the platform’s features.

3. Job Portals

Job portals rely on detailed user profiles to match job seekers with suitable employers. UsersWP Profile Progress can play a crucial role in ensuring job seekers complete their profiles with accurate and relevant information. The profile completion progress bar can motivate job seekers to provide comprehensive details about their skills, experience, and qualifications. Employers can filter candidates based on their profile completion percentage, ensuring they connect with candidates who have invested time in completing their profiles. This plugin helps job portals maintain a high quality of profiles and improve the matching process.

4. Membership Websites

Membership websites often require users to complete their profiles to gain access to exclusive content or features. UsersWP Profile Progress can be integrated with membership plugins to enforce profile completion as a prerequisite for accessing certain areas of the website. By restricting access until profiles are complete, website administrators can ensure that users engage with the platform fully. The profile completion progress bar acts as a visual reminder for users to complete their profiles, increasing membership website retention and user satisfaction.

In conclusion, UsersWP Profile Progress is a versatile WordPress plugin enhances user engagement and improves user experience by encouraging profile completion. With customizable completion criteria, conditional display options, gamification features, and integration with other plugins, this plugin is suitable for a wide range of websites, including community-based platforms, e-learning websites, job portals, and membership websites. By utilizing UsersWP Profile Progress, website administrators can ensure users complete their profiles, leading to a more active and connected user base.