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Version 1.0.8 report outdated
Updated on January 28, 2024
Auto Updates Yes
License GPLv2+

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UsersWP Groups WordPress plugin designed to enhance the user management capabilities of your website. With this plugin, you can create and manage user groups, allowing you to organize and control user access to various sections of your website. UsersWP Groups is an ideal solution for websites that require user segmentation and want to provide a personalized experience to different user groups.

Primary Function

The primary function of UsersWP Groups is to enable website administrators to create and manage user groups. User groups act as a container for users with similar characteristics or permissions. By assigning users to specific groups, administrators can control access to content, features, and functionalities based on group membership.


User Group Creation and Management

UsersWP Groups provides an intuitive interface for creating and managing user groups. Administrators can easily create new groups, define group names, descriptions, and assign group leaders. Group leaders have additional privileges, such as the ability to manage group membership and moderate group activities.

Group Membership

The plugin allows administrators to assign users to specific groups. Users can be added to groups manually or automatically based on predefined criteria, such as user roles, registration date, or custom user attributes. This flexibility gives administrators the ability to segment users effectively and ensure they receive a tailored experience.

Group Permissions and Access Control

UsersWP Groups enables administrators to set granular permissions for each group. These permissions control access to various sections of the website, including pages, posts, custom post types, and even specific elements within a page. By defining group-specific permissions, administrators can ensure that users in different groups have access to the appropriate content and features.

Group Messaging and Collaboration

UsersWP Groups includes a messaging system that allows users within a group to communicate with each other. Group members can exchange messages, share files, and collaborate on projects, making it an excellent tool for organizations or communities that require internal communication and collaboration.

Group Activity Stream

The plugin provides a group activity stream that displays updates and notifications related to the activities of a specific group. This feature helps group members stay informed about new content, discussions, and events within their group, fostering engagement and interaction.

Group Widgets and Shortcodes

UsersWP Groups comes with a set of widgets and shortcodes that allow administrators to display group-related information and functionality on different areas of the website. These widgets and shortcodes can be used to showcase group members, group activity, or even provide a group-specific registration form.

Use Cases

Educational Institutions

UsersWP Groups is particularly useful for educational institutions that have online platforms or learning management systems. With this plugin, administrators can create groups for different courses, allowing students enrolled in each course to access course-specific materials, discussions, and assignments. The messaging and collaboration features can facilitate communication between students and instructors, fostering a collaborative learning environment.

Membership Websites

Membership websites can benefit greatly from UsersWP Groups. By creating different membership levels as user groups, administrators can offer various subscription plans with different access levels to content and features. This allows website owners to provide a personalized experience to each membership level, offering exclusive content and privileges based on group membership.

Community-based Websites

For community-based websites, UsersWP Groups provides a way to create and manage groups for different interest areas or user roles. This allows users to connect with like-minded individuals and participate in discussions and activities specific to their interests. The group activity stream and messaging features enhance the sense of community and engagement within the website.

Corporate Intranets

UsersWP Groups can be used to create user groups for different departments or teams within a corporate intranet. This enables administrators to control access to department-specific documents, announcements, and collaboration spaces. The messaging and collaboration features facilitate communication and collaboration between team members, enhancing productivity and efficiency.


UsersWP Groups WordPress plugin enhances user management capabilities by allowing administrators to create and manage user groups. With features such as group creation and management, group membership, granular permissions, messaging and collaboration, and group widgets and shortcodes, the plugin provides a comprehensive solution for website owners looking to organize and control user access. Whether it is for educational institutions, membership websites, community-based websites, or corporate intranets, UsersWP Groups offers the flexibility and functionality required to create a personalized and engaging user experience.

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