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Version 1.2.7 report outdated
Updated on January 28, 2024
Auto Updates Yes
License GPLv2+

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UsersWP myCRED WordPress plugin enhances user interaction and engagement on websites by integrating the myCRED points management system. This plugin provides website owners with a comprehensive solution to gamify their websites, allowing them to reward users with virtual points for various actions and activities. With UsersWP myCRED, website administrators can create a loyalty program, encourage user participation, and foster a sense of community.

Primary Function

The primary function of UsersWP myCRED is to enable website owners to implement a points-based system on their WordPress websites. This plugin seamlessly integrates with the myCRED points management system, which provides a robust framework for managing virtual points and rewards. By leveraging this system, website administrators can motivate users to engage with their content, participate in discussions, and perform specific actions.


1. Points Management

UsersWP myCRED allows website administrators to create and manage virtual points effortlessly. The plugin provides a user-friendly interface for configuring point values, rules, and redemption options. Administrators can define the actions that earn points, such as posting comments, submitting forms, or sharing content on social media. Additionally, they can set up rules to deduct points for undesirable behaviors, such as spamming or violating community guidelines.

2. User Profiles and Ranks

This plugin enhances the user profile functionality of WordPress by integrating myCRED points and ranks. Users can view their points balance, transaction history, and rank progress directly on their profile page. Ranks can be assigned based on the total number of points earned, providing users with a sense of achievement and status within the community.

3. Badges and Achievements

UsersWP myCRED enables website administrators to create badges and achievements to reward users for reaching specific milestones or accomplishing certain tasks. Badges can be visually appealing icons or graphics that represent accomplishments, while achievements can be unlocked by earning a certain number of points or completing a series of actions. These gamification elements add an element of fun and competition to the user experience, encouraging users to actively engage with the website.

4. Leaderboards

With UsersWP myCRED, website owners can display leaderboards showcasing top users based on their points or ranks. This feature fosters healthy competition among users and encourages them to earn more points to climb up the leaderboard. Leaderboards can be displayed on any page or widget area of the website, providing visibility and recognition to active and engaged users.

5. WooCommerce Integration

UsersWP myCRED seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce, a popular WordPress plugin for e-commerce websites. This integration allows website owners to reward customers with points for making purchases, thereby increasing customer loyalty and encouraging repeat business. Users can redeem their accumulated points for discounts or free products, creating a sense of value and incentivizing future purchases.

Use Cases

1. Community Building

UsersWP myCRED is an excellent tool for building and nurturing online communities. Website owners can reward users for actively participating in discussions, providing helpful answers, or creating valuable content. By gamifying the user experience, this plugin encourages users to engage with each other, fostering a sense of belonging and community.

For example, a niche forum website can utilize UsersWP myCRED to reward users with points for posting high-quality content, receiving positive feedback, or helping others solve problems. This incentivizes users to contribute meaningfully to the community, resulting in increased activity and user satisfaction.

2. Content Promotion

Website owners can leverage UsersWP myCRED to promote their content and increase its reach. By rewarding users with points for sharing articles, videos, or other media on social media platforms, website owners can tap into the power of user-generated content distribution. This encourages users to become brand ambassadors and helps drive organic traffic to the website.

For instance, a news website can use UsersWP myCRED to award points to users who share breaking news articles on their social media profiles. This not only rewards users for their contribution but also extends the reach of the website’s content, potentially attracting new visitors and increasing overall engagement.

3. Loyalty Programs

UsersWP myCRED can be utilized to create loyalty programs that incentivize customer engagement and repeat purchases. By awarding points for various activities, such as making purchases, referring friends, or leaving product reviews, website owners can encourage customer loyalty and increase customer lifetime value.

For example, an online store can implement UsersWP myCRED to reward customers with points for every purchase they make. These points can then be redeemed for discounts on future purchases, motivating customers to return and continue shopping at the store.

4. User Engagement and Retention

UsersWP myCRED can significantly enhance user engagement and retention on WordPress websites. By implementing a points-based system, website owners can create a sense of progression, achievement, and competition among users. This not only encourages users to actively participate but also increases the likelihood of them returning to the website.

For instance, a blog website can use UsersWP myCRED to reward users with points for leaving comments, sharing articles, or subscribing to the newsletter. This incentivizes users to engage with the content and contributes to a vibrant and active user community.


UsersWP myCRED is a feature-rich WordPress plugin empowers website owners to gamify their websites and enhance user engagement. By integrating the myCRED points management system, this plugin allows administrators to reward users for various actions and activities, fostering a sense of community and loyalty. With its comprehensive set of features, including points management, user profiles and ranks, badges and achievements, leaderboards, and WooCommerce integration, UsersWP myCRED provides a versatile solution for implementing loyalty programs, promoting content, and increasing user engagement and retention.

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