WPC Composite Products for WooCommerce

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Version 7.3.3 report outdated
Updated on June 25, 2024
Auto Updates Yes
License GPLv2+

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WPC Composite Products for WooCommerce is a powerful WordPress plugin designed to enhance the functionality of WooCommerce, the popular e-commerce platform. This plugin allows users to create composite products by combining multiple individual products into a single customizable bundle. With WPC Composite Products, WooCommerce store owners can offer their customers a unique shopping experience, allowing them to personalize and customize products according to their preferences.

Primary Function

The primary function of WPC Composite Products for WooCommerce is to enable the creation of composite products. A composite product is a bundled product that consists of several individual products. This plugin allows store owners to define the components of a composite product, specify their quantities, and set various options for customization.


1. Easy Product Configuration

WPC Composite Products provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface for configuring composite products. Store owners can easily add, remove, or rearrange individual products within a composite product. They can also set the quantities of each component and define the options available for customization.

2. Flexible Customization Options

This plugin offers a wide range of customization options for composite products. Store owners can allow customers to choose different variations of individual products, such as color, size, or style. They can also enable or disable certain components based on customer preferences. Furthermore, WPC Composite Products supports conditional logic, allowing store owners to create complex rules for customizing composite products.

3. Dynamic Pricing and Discounts

WPC Composite Products provides advanced pricing options for composite products. Store owners can set different prices for each component and define pricing rules based on quantity or other criteria. This plugin also supports discounts and promotions, allowing store owners to offer special pricing for composite products or specific components.

4. Visual Product Builder

One of the standout features of WPC Composite Products is its visual product builder. This tool allows customers to see a visual representation of the composite product they are creating, making it easier for them to understand the final result. Customers can drag and drop components, choose variations, and see how their choices affect the overall appearance of the product.

5. Inventory Management

With WPC Composite Products, store owners can efficiently manage inventory for composite products. The plugin automatically updates stock levels for individual components and ensures that customers cannot select unavailable options. This feature helps prevent overselling and provides accurate stock information to both store owners and customers.

6. Compatibility with Other WooCommerce Extensions

WPC Composite Products seamlessly integrates with other popular WooCommerce extensions, allowing store owners to enhance the functionality of their online stores. This plugin is compatible with various payment gateways, shipping methods, and other WooCommerce extensions, ensuring a smooth and seamless experience for both store owners and customers.

Use Cases

1. Customizable Gift Baskets

WPC Composite Products is an excellent choice for businesses that offer customizable gift baskets. Store owners can create composite products that include different types of products, such as chocolates, wines, and flowers. Customers can then personalize the gift basket by selecting their preferred items and quantities. This plugin enables businesses to offer a wide range of options and cater to individual customer preferences.

2. Build Your Own Computer

For online computer stores, WPC Composite Products is an invaluable tool for creating custom-built computers. Store owners can define the components of a computer, such as the processor, memory, storage, and graphics card. Customers can then choose their preferred options for each component, creating a personalized computer that meets their specific requirements. This plugin simplifies the process of configuring and purchasing custom-built computers.

3. Personalized Jewelry

Jewelry stores can benefit from WPC Composite Products by offering personalized jewelry options. Store owners can create composite products that include various types of jewelry, such as necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Customers can then select the desired materials, gemstones, and engravings, resulting in a unique piece of jewelry tailored to their preferences. This plugin enables jewelry stores to provide a personalized shopping experience and increase customer satisfaction.

4. Subscription Boxes

WPC Composite Products can also be used to create subscription boxes with customizable options. Store owners can define the contents of a subscription box, allowing customers to choose their preferred products or variations. For example, a subscription box for beauty products could offer different skincare or makeup options. This plugin enables businesses to offer personalized subscription boxes and cater to a wide range of customer preferences.


WPC Composite Products for WooCommerce plugin enhances the functionality of WooCommerce by enabling the creation of composite products. With its easy product configuration, flexible customization options, dynamic pricing, visual product builder, inventory management, and compatibility with other WooCommerce extensions, this plugin provides a comprehensive solution for creating and selling customizable products. Whether you run an online gift shop, computer store, jewelry store, or subscription box service, WPC Composite Products can help you offer a unique and personalized shopping experience to your customers.