WPC Price by User Role for WooCommerce

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Version 2.1.1 report outdated
Updated on March 9, 2024
Auto Updates Yes
License GPLv2+

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WPC Price by User Role for WooCommerce is a powerful WordPress plugin designed specifically for WooCommerce websites. It allows website administrators to set different product prices for different user roles, providing a flexible and effective way to implement role-based pricing strategies. With this plugin, you can easily define custom prices for specific user roles, offering personalized pricing options to your customers.


1. Role-based pricing

WPC Price by User Role for WooCommerce enables you to assign different prices to different user roles. This means that you can offer exclusive discounts or higher prices based on the user’s role. For example, you can set a lower price for wholesale customers or offer special discounts to premium members. By tailoring prices to specific user roles, you can create a more personalized shopping experience for your customers.

2. Multiple user roles

This plugin supports multiple user roles, allowing you to define unique prices for each role. Whether you have basic roles like “customer” and “subscriber” or more advanced roles like “wholesaler” or “VIP member,” you can easily set custom prices for each role. This flexibility ensures that you can cater to the needs of different customer segments and provide targeted pricing options.

3. Dynamic pricing rules

WPC Price by User Role for WooCommerce offers dynamic pricing rules that can be customized according to your specific requirements. You can set fixed prices, percentage-based discounts, or even create complex pricing formulas using mathematical expressions. This level of control allows you to implement various pricing strategies and adjust prices based on factors such as quantity, product variations, or user-specific attributes.

4. Bulk pricing

The plugin also supports bulk pricing, enabling you to offer discounts based on the quantity of products purchased. You can set different bulk pricing tiers for each user role, encouraging customers to buy more and increasing their loyalty. This feature is particularly useful for wholesale businesses or those offering volume-based discounts.

5. Display price tables

WPC Price by User Role for WooCommerce provides an option to display price tables on the product pages. These tables can show the different prices associated with each user role, giving customers a clear overview of the available pricing options. This transparency helps build trust and allows customers to make informed purchasing decisions.

6. Easy configuration

The plugin offers a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to configure and manage role-based pricing. You can quickly set up custom prices for each user role using the intuitive settings panel. The plugin seamlessly integrates into the WooCommerce backend, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for website administrators.

Use Cases

1. Wholesale pricing

If you run an online store that caters to both retail and wholesale customers, WPC Price by User Role for WooCommerce is an ideal solution. You can create a separate user role for wholesalers and set lower prices for their accounts. This allows you to offer exclusive discounts to your wholesale customers while maintaining higher prices for retail customers.

For example, you can define a 20% discount for wholesale customers, ensuring that they receive a preferential price when purchasing in bulk. This feature helps streamline your wholesale operations and encourages repeat business from your wholesale customers.

2. Membership-based pricing

If your website offers premium memberships or subscription plans, this plugin can be used to provide special pricing for members. By assigning a unique user role to your members, you can set custom prices for their accounts. This enables you to offer discounted rates or exclusive deals to your loyal customers, incentivizing them to continue their membership and fostering customer loyalty.

For instance, you can provide a 10% discount on all products to members, making them feel valued and appreciated. This approach helps increase customer retention and encourages new customers to join your membership program.

3. Dynamic pricing based on user attributes

WPC Price by User Role for WooCommerce allows you to set dynamic prices based on user attributes such as location, purchase history, or user-specific custom fields. For example, if you have a customer loyalty program, you can assign a specific user role to your loyal customers and offer them discounted prices based on their purchase history.

Additionally, you can use this plugin to provide different pricing for customers from different regions or countries. By tailoring prices to specific user attributes, you can create a personalized shopping experience that caters to the unique needs of each customer segment.

4. Seasonal promotions

The plugin’s dynamic pricing rules enable you to run seasonal promotions by setting time-limited discounts for specific user roles. For example, you can create a “Black Friday” user role and offer exclusive discounts to customers with this role during the Black Friday sale period. This feature helps drive sales during promotional periods and creates a sense of urgency among your customers.

By leveraging the flexibility of WPC Price by User Role for WooCommerce, you can implement a wide range of pricing strategies and provide a personalized shopping experience for your customers. Whether you run a wholesale business, offer membership-based pricing, or want to implement dynamic pricing rules, this plugin is a valuable tool for your WooCommerce website.