WPC Price by Quantity for WooCommerce

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Version 5.0.2 report outdated
Updated on February 23, 2024
Auto Updates Yes
License GPLv2+

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WPC Price by Quantity for WooCommerce is a powerful WordPress plugin designed to enhance the functionality of WooCommerce, the popular e-commerce platform. This plugin provides merchants with the ability to set dynamic pricing based on the quantity of items purchased. By offering tiered pricing options, store owners can incentivize customers to buy in bulk, ultimately increasing sales and improving customer satisfaction.


1. Dynamic Pricing

WPC Price by Quantity allows website administrators to set up dynamic pricing rules based on the quantity of items a customer adds to their cart. This feature is particularly useful when merchants want to offer discounts or special pricing for bulk purchases. For example, a store owner can set a rule that offers a 10% discount when customers purchase 5 or more items. This encourages customers to buy more products, leading to increased revenue.

2. Flexible Pricing Rules

This plugin provides a user-friendly interface for creating and managing pricing rules. Administrators can easily define pricing tiers, specify the minimum and maximum quantities for each tier, and set the corresponding prices. The flexibility of this plugin allows merchants to create complex pricing structures to suit their specific business needs.

3. Multiple Pricing Strategies

WPC Price by Quantity offers various pricing strategies to cater to different business models. Merchants can choose between fixed price discounts, percentage-based discounts, or even set a different price for each quantity tier. This versatility enables store owners to implement pricing strategies that align with their marketing goals and target customer segments.

4. Display Price Table

To provide transparency and clarity to customers, this plugin allows merchants to display a price table on the product page. The price table showcases the different pricing tiers and corresponding prices, making it easy for customers to understand the quantity-based discounts available. This feature helps to build trust and encourages customers to make larger purchases.

5. Minimum and Maximum Quantity Limits

WPC Price by Quantity allows store owners to set minimum and maximum quantity limits for each product. This feature ensures that customers adhere to the desired quantity ranges set by the merchant. For example, a store owner may want to set a minimum quantity of 3 for a specific product to encourage customers to buy in bulk. On the other hand, a maximum quantity limit can prevent customers from buying excessive quantities, ensuring fair distribution of products.

6. Compatibility with WooCommerce

As a plugin specifically designed for WooCommerce, WPC Price by Quantity seamlessly integrates with the platform, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free user experience. It is fully compatible with the latest version of WooCommerce and other popular WooCommerce extensions, making it an ideal choice for online store owners using this e-commerce platform.

Use Cases

1. Wholesale Businesses

For wholesale businesses, offering quantity-based discounts is a common practice. With WPC Price by Quantity, wholesale merchants can easily implement tiered pricing strategies to incentivize bulk purchases. By setting lower prices for higher quantities, wholesale businesses can attract larger orders from their customers, leading to increased revenue and customer loyalty.

2. Subscription-Based Services

Subscription-based businesses often offer different pricing tiers based on the number of users or the level of service required. With WPC Price by Quantity, these businesses can easily set up dynamic pricing based on the number of subscriptions purchased. This allows them to offer discounted rates for customers who subscribe to higher quantities, encouraging customers to upgrade to higher-tier plans.

3. Promotional Campaigns

Merchants running promotional campaigns can utilize WPC Price by Quantity to create time-limited quantity-based discounts. For example, a store owner can offer a limited-time promotion where customers receive a 20% discount when purchasing 3 or more items. This type of campaign can help generate excitement, increase sales, and create a sense of urgency among customers.

4. Clearance Sales

During clearance sales, store owners often want to quickly sell off excess inventory. With WPC Price by Quantity, merchants can set aggressive pricing tiers for clearance items. For example, they can offer steep discounts for larger quantities, encouraging customers to buy more and clear out the remaining inventory. This plugin simplifies the management of clearance sales, ensuring a seamless and efficient process.


WPC Price by Quantity for WooCommerce is a feature-rich WordPress plugin that empowers online store owners to implement dynamic pricing based on quantity. With its flexible pricing rules, multiple pricing strategies, and compatibility with WooCommerce, this plugin offers a comprehensive solution for merchants looking to optimize their pricing strategies. Whether it’s encouraging bulk purchases, running promotional campaigns, or managing clearance sales, WPC Price by Quantity provides the necessary tools to boost sales, improve customer satisfaction, and drive revenue growth.