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Version 6.19 report outdated
Updated on April 1, 2024
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License GPLv2+

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The 301 Redirects Pro plugin is a powerful tool designed to manage and implement 301 redirects on a WordPress website. Developed by WebFactory Ltd, this plugin offers a user-friendly interface and a wide range of features that make it an essential tool for website administrators and developers.

Primary Function

The primary function of the 301 Redirects Pro plugin is to help website owners and administrators easily create and manage 301 redirects. A 301 redirect is a permanent redirect that informs search engines and web browsers that a particular page has been permanently moved to a new location. This is crucial for maintaining SEO rankings and ensuring a seamless user experience when a page URL changes.


1. Simple and Intuitive Interface

The plugin provides a user-friendly interface that allows even non-technical users to easily manage redirects. The intuitive dashboard makes it simple to create, edit, and delete redirects without any coding knowledge.

2. Bulk Redirects

With the 301 Redirects Pro plugin, you can create multiple redirects simultaneously, saving you time and effort. This feature is particularly useful when migrating a website or restructuring its URL structure.

3. Wildcard Redirects

The plugin supports wildcard redirects, allowing you to redirect multiple URLs that match a specific pattern to a single destination. This feature is incredibly useful when dealing with URL patterns that have changed or need to be redirected to a new location.

4. Regular Expression Support

For advanced users, the plugin offers support for regular expressions. Regular expressions provide powerful pattern matching capabilities, allowing you to create complex redirect rules based on specific patterns.

5. Conditional Redirects

The plugin allows you to set conditional redirects based on various criteria such as user roles, device types, referrers, and more. This feature enables you to create personalized redirect rules tailored to different user segments.

6. Import/Export Functionality

The 301 Redirects Pro plugin provides import and export functionality, making it easy to transfer redirect rules between different WordPress installations. This feature is especially helpful when managing redirects across multiple websites or during website migrations.

7. Error Log

The plugin keeps a detailed error log, providing you with valuable information about any failed redirect attempts. This log allows you to identify and fix any issues that may arise during the redirection process.

8. Performance Optimization

The plugin is designed to be lightweight and optimized for performance. It ensures that redirects are executed efficiently, minimizing any impact on website speed and user experience.

Use Cases

1. Website Restructuring

When restructuring a website’s URL hierarchy, the 301 Redirects Pro plugin is an invaluable tool. It enables you to redirect old URLs to their new locations, ensuring that visitors and search engines can easily find the new content. This helps maintain SEO rankings and prevents broken links.

2. Domain Migrations

During a domain migration, it’s essential to redirect all old URLs to their corresponding new URLs. The plugin simplifies this process by allowing you to create bulk redirects or import redirect rules from a previous website. This ensures a smooth transition for both users and search engines.

3. Fixing Broken Links

Over time, websites may accumulate broken links due to content updates, page deletions, or URL changes. The 301 Redirects Pro plugin helps you identify and fix these broken links by redirecting them to relevant pages. This improves the overall user experience and prevents negative impacts on SEO.

4. Personalized Redirects

With the conditional redirect feature, you can create personalized redirect rules based on user roles, device types, or referrers. For example, you can redirect mobile users to a mobile-optimized version of a page or redirect visitors from a specific referrer to a custom landing page. This level of personalization enhances user engagement and conversion rates.

5. Affiliate Link Management

For websites that utilize affiliate marketing, the plugin can be used to manage and redirect affiliate links. By creating redirects for affiliate URLs, you can easily update or change affiliate links without modifying your website’s content. This flexibility simplifies affiliate link management and allows for quick updates when necessary.


The 301 Redirects Pro plugin is an essential tool for managing and implementing 301 redirects on WordPress websites. With its intuitive interface, bulk redirect functionality, support for wildcards and regular expressions, and conditional redirect options, the plugin offers a comprehensive set of features for redirect management. Whether you’re restructuring a website, migrating domains, fixing broken links, or implementing personalized redirects, this plugin simplifies the process and ensures a seamless user experience.

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