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Version 2.7.3 report outdated
Updated on July 4, 2024
Auto Updates Yes
License GPLv2+

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The Advanced Themer for Bricks is a plugin designed to enhance the functionality of the Bricks Builder, a visual site builder for WordPress. This plugin provides additional tools and features to increase the flexibility and efficiency of website development within the Bricks environment. Aimed at both novice and experienced developers, Advanced Themer for Bricks focuses on extending the design capabilities and integration options, making it an essential tool for those looking to push the boundaries of their website’s design and functionality.

Primary Functions

Advanced Themer for Bricks primarily serves to extend the existing capabilities of the Bricks Builder by adding sophisticated theming options, custom elements, and deeper integrations with WordPress’s core functionalities. It acts as a bridge between Bricks Builder and WordPress, allowing users to leverage more advanced features without requiring extensive coding knowledge.

Enhanced Theming Capabilities

One of the standout features of this plugin is its enhanced theming capabilities. Users can create detailed themes that are more responsive to the dynamic content elements of WordPress. This includes the ability to style posts, pages, and custom post types with a higher degree of customization than what’s typically available in Bricks Builder alone.

Custom Elements and Widgets

The plugin introduces a variety of custom elements and widgets that can be easily integrated into any Bricks layout. These elements are designed to be fully compatible with Bricks’ native drag-and-drop interface, ensuring a seamless design experience. Users can add complex functionality to their sites, such as sliders, tabs, and advanced buttons, with minimal effort.

Conditional Logic and Dynamic Data Integration

Advanced Themer for Bricks excels in its ability to apply conditional logic to various elements and sections. This means that users can display or hide parts of their website based on specific criteria, such as user roles, time of day, or custom fields. Additionally, the plugin enhances the integration of dynamic data, allowing users to easily pull data from various sources and display it uniquely on their site.

Detailed Breakdown of Features

Design Flexibility

  • Template System: Users can create templates that can be reused across different pages or posts, which is particularly useful for maintaining a consistent look and feel throughout the site.
  • Style Options: Extensive styling options allow for the modification of colors, fonts, and layouts, giving users complete control over the appearance of their site.

Advanced Integration

  • WooCommerce Support: For e-commerce sites, the plugin provides specialized elements and options that enhance the presentation and functionality of WooCommerce products and categories.
  • SEO Enhancements: It includes features that help in optimizing the site for search engines, potentially improving the site’s visibility and performance.

User Experience Improvements

  • Faster Design Iterations: With the introduction of more intuitive design tools and a richer set of predefined elements, users can prototype and implement designs faster.
  • Responsiveness Controls: Users can tailor the appearance of their site across different devices, ensuring that the site looks great on desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

Practical Use Cases

E-commerce Store Enhancement

For online store owners using WooCommerce, Advanced Themer for Bricks can revolutionize how products are displayed and interacted with. Custom product grids, advanced filters, and dynamic pricing options can be seamlessly integrated to enhance the shopping experience.

Portfolio Websites

Creatives looking to showcase their work can benefit from the plugin’s portfolio elements and layouts. Custom galleries, sliders, and hover effects can be utilized to create a compelling presentation of their projects.

Event Management

Event organizers can use Advanced Themer for Bricks to manage event listings, registrations, and schedules. Dynamic elements like countdown timers and interactive calendars can be added to improve user engagement and streamline event management.


Advanced Themer for Bricks significantly enhances the Bricks Builder plugin by introducing a wealth of new features and capabilities. With its focus on design flexibility, advanced integration, and user experience improvements, it provides users with the tools necessary to create sophisticated, dynamic, and highly functional websites. This plugin is an excellent choice for anyone looking to extend their capabilities within the Bricks Builder framework, making it easier to achieve professional-level designs with minimal effort.

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