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Version 3.7.1 report outdated
Updated on April 2, 2024
Auto Updates Yes
License GPLv2+

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BBQ Pro is a powerful, lightweight web application firewall designed for WordPress. It is engineered to enhance the security of WordPress sites by blocking bad requests and exploits. This plugin operates silently in the background, monitoring all incoming traffic and effectively blocking any harmful URI requests containing malicious elements like base64_, eval(, .exec(, and other potentially dangerous code.

Key Features of BBQ Pro

Strong Firewall Security

BBQ Pro provides robust firewall security, designed to protect WordPress sites from a wide array of common and advanced security threats. It is built to offer a high level of security without requiring complex configuration, making it accessible for users of all skill levels.

Plug-and-Play Functionality

One of the standout features of BBQ Pro is its plug-and-play functionality. The plugin requires no configuration to get started, making it an ideal choice for users who want a straightforward, effective security solution.

Fully Customizable Firewall

While BBQ Pro works out of the box, it also offers full customization for those who need it. Users can edit, remove, disable, or add their own custom patterns, providing fine-grained control over the firewall settings.

Lightweight and Flexible

Despite its powerful features, BBQ Pro is designed to be lightweight and fast, ensuring that it doesn’t slow down your website. This flexibility makes it suitable for a wide range of WordPress sites, from small blogs to large e-commerce platforms.

Advanced Firewall Technology

BBQ Pro is powered by advanced firewall technology, including the 6G and 7G Firewall rules. These rules are designed to provide a near-zero rate of false positives, ensuring that legitimate traffic is not blocked.

Comprehensive Inline Documentation

The plugin includes complete inline documentation available on every screen. This feature is particularly useful for users who want to understand the functionality of each feature and how to best use the plugin.

Detailed Statistics and Logging

BBQ Pro offers detailed statistics for blocked requests, allowing users to measure the success of the firewall and fine-tune patterns and rules. This feature is essential for understanding the types of threats targeting your site and how effectively they are being blocked.

Email Alerts and IP Whitelisting

The plugin can send email alerts for blocked requests, keeping you informed about potential security threats. Additionally, it offers IP whitelisting, allowing you to specify trusted IP addresses that should never be blocked.

Practical Applications and Use Cases

Enhanced Website Security

BBQ Pro is ideal for WordPress website owners who want to enhance their site’s security against common threats like SQL injection attacks, executable file uploads, directory traversal attacks, and user-ID phishing.

Easy Security Management for Non-Technical Users

Due to its plug-and-play nature, BBQ Pro is perfect for non-technical users who need a simple yet effective security solution without the hassle of complex configurations.

Custom Security Settings for Developers

Developers will appreciate the ability to customize firewall settings, allowing them to tailor the security measures to specific needs or to comply with particular security policies.

Comprehensive Security for E-commerce Sites

For e-commerce websites, where security is paramount, BBQ Pro provides an additional layer of protection, helping to safeguard customer data and maintain the integrity of the site.


BBQ Pro stands out as a comprehensive, user-friendly, and powerful firewall solution for WordPress sites. Its blend of ease of use, advanced security features, and customization options makes it an excellent choice for website owners and developers alike. Whether you’re looking to protect a personal blog or a large e-commerce site, BBQ Pro offers the tools and flexibility needed to secure your WordPress site effectively.

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