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Updated on July 4, 2024
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License GPLv2+

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Brickscore is a premium collection of elements designed for Bricks Builder, a popular WordPress page builder. This plugin is crafted to enhance the functionality and design capabilities of Bricks Builder, offering a suite of over 45 elements that cater to various design needs. Brickscore positions itself as a tool to build better and faster, focusing on trendy designs, unique features, and seamless integrations.

Key Features of Brickscore

Trendy Elements and Unique Features

Brickscore offers a range of ready-made elements that are crafted with best practices in mind, allowing for easy customization. These elements are designed to help developers create high-quality websites efficiently. The plugin includes unique features and integrations with popular JavaScript libraries, providing exclusive elements developed specifically for Brickscore.

Text and Button Elements

The plugin includes various text elements like Scribble Title, Scroll Reading, Random Letters, and more, all following accessibility and SEO fundamentals. These elements are made with GSAP and ScrollTrigger, using their native parameters. Button elements in Brickscore offer beautiful interactions to enhance the customer experience, with a lot of customization options.

Menu Elements

Brickscore provides a stunning set of menu elements, which are essential for building effective navigation in Bricks Builder. These include Core Burger, OffCanvas Menu, Overlay Menu, Sticky Header, and Morphing Nav, among others.

Core Elements

The core elements of Brickscore are designed to build remarkable websites. These include Core Slider, Expanders, Parallax Hover, Before/After Image, Zoom Lens, Cursor, Smooth Scroll, Custom Scrollbar, and more. These elements are based on popular trends and are essential for modern web design.

Mobile Responsiveness and Accessibility

All elements in Brickscore are responsive and customizable at any breakpoint declared in Bricks Builder, ensuring designs look great on all devices. The elements are also crafted with accessibility in mind, making websites inclusive for all visitors.

SEO-Friendly and Developer-Friendly

Brickscore allows customization of element’s inner attributes and tags to build SEO-oriented websites. The elements are performance-focused, ensuring top-notch features without sacrificing page speed. The code for each element is well-written and minimal, feeling native to the Bricks environment.

Lightweight Addon with Lifetime Access

Brickscore is lightweight and allows users to enable or disable elements and libraries from the panel. It offers a unique payment model with no subscriptions, providing lifetime access to all features and future updates.

Practical Applications and Use Cases

Building High-Quality Websites

Web developers and designers can use Brickscore to create visually appealing and functionally robust websites. The wide range of elements and customization options allows for unique and trend-setting website designs.

Enhancing User Experience

The interactive and responsive elements of Brickscore can significantly enhance the user experience on a website. From engaging menus to dynamic text and button interactions, Brickscore offers tools to make websites more interactive and user-friendly.

Streamlining Web Development Process

Brickscore’s ready-made elements and integrations can streamline the web development process, enabling developers to create complex designs more quickly and efficiently.


Brickscore emerges as a comprehensive and innovative addon for Bricks Builder, offering a wide range of elements and features that enhance the web development process. Its focus on trendy designs, unique features, mobile responsiveness, accessibility, and SEO-friendliness makes it a valuable tool for web developers and designers looking to create high-quality, engaging websites with Bricks Builder.

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