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Version 0.4 report outdated
Updated on February 11, 2024
Auto Updates Yes
License GPLv2+

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The FacetWP – Submit button addon for FacetWP. This addon introduces a dedicated “Submit” button to the FacetWP interface, allowing users to manually trigger the search or filtering process after selecting their desired criteria. This feature is especially useful for websites with extensive datasets or those looking to provide a more controlled search experience, minimizing unnecessary server load and enhancing the user experience by preventing automatic reloads with every selection change.

Primary Functions

The primary function of the Submit button addon is to give users and site administrators more control over the search and filtering process. Key functionalities include:

  • Manual Trigger for Searches: Instead of automatically updating results with each selection, users can compile their search criteria and initiate the search manually by clicking the Submit button.
  • Improved Performance: This manual trigger can significantly reduce the number of queries sent to the server, especially on sites with large amounts of data or complex filtering options, leading to improved site performance and user experience.
  • Customizable Design: The Submit button can be customized to match the website’s design, ensuring a seamless integration with the overall look and feel of the site.
  • Integration with Existing Facets: Works alongside other FacetWP facets, allowing for a comprehensive and user-friendly filtering system that includes the convenience of a manual search initiation.

Detailed Breakdown of Features

1. Manual Search Activation

The addon adds a Submit button to the FacetWP filtering interface, giving users the ability to decide exactly when to execute their search. This manual activation is invaluable for users who prefer to carefully select multiple filters before reloading the page with new results.

2. Customizable Button Text and Style

Site administrators can customize the text on the Submit button as well as its appearance (e.g., color, size, font) to ensure it aligns with the website’s branding and design standards. This customization enhances the aesthetic coherence of the search interface and improves the overall user experience.

3. Enhanced User Experience

By allowing users to control when the search or filter is applied, the Submit button addon prevents the potential frustration associated with automatic page reloads or updates after every selection. This leads to a more thoughtful and less disruptive search experience.

4. Optimized Server Load

In scenarios where websites have significant amounts of searchable content or complex filtering logic, the Submit button helps in managing server load more effectively. By reducing the number of automatic queries, it ensures the server performance remains optimal, even under heavy user traffic.

Practical Use Cases

  • eCommerce Stores: Online shops can utilize the Submit button to let customers finalize their product filters (like size, color, price range) before loading the filtered products, improving the shopping experience.
  • Real Estate Listings: Real estate websites benefit from the Submit button by allowing potential buyers to select multiple filters (like location, price, property type) before viewing the updated listing results.
  • Job Portals: Job seekers can refine their search criteria (such as job type, location, experience level) and submit their query all at once, making the search process more efficient.
  • Educational Resources: For websites offering educational content, users can select various filters (course level, subject matter) and apply them simultaneously to find relevant materials quickly.


The FacetWP – Submit button addon is a simple yet powerful feature that significantly enhances the functionality and user experience of WordPress sites using FacetWP for filtering and search capabilities. By enabling manual search initiation, it offers users more control over their browsing experience, reduces server load, and ensures that site performance is optimized. This addon is an excellent addition for any website that requires complex searches and filtering, providing a more user-friendly and efficient interface for accessing content.