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Version 1.0.2 report outdated
Updated on December 18, 2023
Auto Updates Yes
License GPLv2+

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The Modula – Whitelabel addon is an extension for the Modula WordPress gallery plugin, tailored for businesses and developers who wish to offer a customized, brand-centric experience. This addon allows users to rebrand the Modula plugin, replacing its name and branding with their own, making it an ideal solution for professionals who develop websites for clients or for businesses that seek a consistent branding experience across their tools.

Features of Modula – Whitelabel Addon

Custom Branding Options

The cornerstone of the Whitelabel addon is its ability to replace the Modula branding with custom branding. This includes changing the plugin name, author, website URL, and plugin descriptions, allowing for a seamless integration into the user’s brand or the branding of their clients.

Easy-to-Use Interface

The addon provides a straightforward interface for rebranding. Users can easily enter their custom branding information into the provided fields, making the process efficient and accessible for all skill levels.

Client-Focused Solutions

For website developers and agencies, this addon offers a client-focused solution. They can deliver a more personalized product to their clients, with the gallery plugin fully integrated into the client’s brand identity.

Maintained Functionality

Despite the change in branding, all functionalities of the Modula plugin remain intact. Users can enjoy the robust features of Modula while presenting it under their own brand.

Enhanced Professional Appeal

Using the Whitelabel addon enhances the professional appeal of websites, especially for businesses that emphasize brand consistency. It provides a more cohesive and branded experience for the users or website visitors.

Use Cases for Modula – Whitelabel Addon

Web Development Agencies

Agencies that build and manage websites for clients can use this addon to provide a customized version of the Modula plugin. This personalization adds value to their services and enhances client satisfaction.

Freelance Web Developers

Freelance developers can utilize the Whitelabel addon to offer a bespoke gallery solution to their clients, aligning with the client’s brand and increasing the professionalism of their service offering.

Corporate Websites

Businesses with a strong brand identity can use this addon to maintain brand consistency across their digital platforms, including their image and video galleries.

Marketing and Creative Agencies

For agencies that create and manage digital content, the Whitelabel addon allows them to present their work within a branded environment, reinforcing their brand identity or that of their clients.


The Modula – Whitelabel addon is an excellent tool for professionals and businesses looking to integrate the Modula gallery plugin into their or their clients’ branding. Its ability to customize the plugin’s appearance and branding offers a unique, professional touch, enhancing the overall user experience and brand consistency. This addon is particularly beneficial for web development agencies, freelance developers, corporate websites, and marketing agencies that prioritize a cohesive and branded digital presence.

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