WP Admin and Site Enhancements Pro (WPASE)

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Version 7.1.4 report outdated
Updated on July 15, 2024
Auto Updates Yes
License GPLv2+

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WP Admin Site Enhancements Pro, also known as ASE Pro, is a comprehensive WordPress plugin designed to streamline and enhance the functionality of both the admin dashboard and the overall site management. It stands out as a modular and lightweight tool, aiming to simplify various admin workflows and improve site aspects. This plugin is particularly noted for its ability to replace multiple other plugins, thus reducing the complexity of managing a WordPress site.

Primary Functions

ASE Pro’s primary objective is to provide a wide range of enhancements and optimizations that traditionally would require multiple separate plugins. Its key functions include:

  1. Custom Content Types: Facilitates the creation and management of custom post types and taxonomies, allowing for more sophisticated content organization.
  2. Admin Workflow Improvements: Offers tools to clean up and organize the admin dashboard, streamline admin tasks, and optimize backend processes.
  3. Media Management Enhancements: Improves the handling of media files within WordPress with features like media categorization and advanced upload controls.
  4. Performance Optimization: Focuses on enhancing website performance through efficient code execution and optimization of media files.
  5. Security and Accessibility Features: Includes options to change the login URL, limit login attempts, and manage user roles and permissions, enhancing the security and accessibility of the WordPress admin area.

Detailed Breakdown of Features

Custom Content Types

  • Custom Post Types: Beyond standard pages and posts, ASE Pro allows the creation and management of custom post types, giving users the flexibility to design unique content structures.
  • Custom Taxonomies: Similar to categories and tags, this feature provides the ability to create custom groupings for organizing content more effectively.
  • Custom Field Groups: Supports advanced data management for post types, including repeater and relationship fields.

Admin Workflow Enhancements

  • Admin Columns Manager: Customizes the admin interface with the ability to organize columns, set custom widths, and make columns sortable. This feature enhances the ease of managing diverse content types.
  • Admin Menu Organizer: Grants more control over admin menu items, enabling the hiding of specific items from certain user roles and rearranging sub-menu items for improved navigation.

Media Management Tools

  • Media Categories: Simplifies media management by allowing drag-and-drop categorization and direct upload to categories. It also includes features to filter by category during media insertion into content.
  • Image Upload Control: Offers advanced options for image uploads, including WebP conversion, which reduces file size and improves page speed and SEO.

Performance Optimization

  • Code Snippets Manager: Manages CSS/SCSS, JS, HTML, and PHP code snippets, complete with a capable code editor featuring syntax highlighting, code folding, and more. It includes options for code placement and loading, ensuring optimal performance.
  • Optimized Media Handling: Includes features like AVIF and SVG upload support, along with a focus on efficient media replacement and organization.

Security and Accessibility Enhancements

  • Change Login URL and Limit Login Attempts: Increases website security by allowing the modification of the default login URL and limiting the number of login attempts.
  • SMTP Email Delivery: Improves email reliability and delivery from your WordPress site.
  • Password Protection and Maintenance Mode: Provides additional layers of security and control for site maintenance and user access.

Additional Features

  • Disable Gutenberg and Comments: Offers the ability to disable the Gutenberg editor and manage comments more effectively.
  • Export/Import ASE Settings: Facilitates the easy transfer of ASE settings between different WordPress installations, particularly useful for developers managing multiple sites.

Practical Use Cases

  1. For Web Developers and Agencies: ASE Pro is ideal for professionals managing multiple WordPress sites. Its ability to replace multiple plugins with one streamlined solution simplifies maintenance and enhances efficiency.
  2. For Business Owners and Bloggers: Those with less technical expertise will appreciate the user-friendly interface and the ability to easily customize and manage content without needing to know how to code.
  3. For E-commerce Sites: The enhanced media management and performance optimization features are particularly beneficial for online stores with large inventories and a need for fast, efficient web performance.


WP Admin Site Enhancements Pro is a versatile and powerful plugin for WordPress users looking to enhance their website’s functionality and admin experience. Its wide array of features, combined with a focus on performance and ease of use, makes it a valuable addition to any WordPress site, whether it’s run by an individual blogger, a business owner, or a web development agency. The plugin’s ability to replace multiple other plugins not only simplifies website management but also potentially improves website performance and security.

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